1983 Mitsubishi Scorpion GJ 2.6 litre 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


A cheap, under-estimated, bargain car


Only thing that has gone wrong with the car was a blown motor. I blew the big-end bearing required a complete rebuild. That was my fault, in no way the cars.

The car is now in perfect condition and has had a lot of money spent on it recently. $2500 for motor rebuild, $500 of new tyres last week, $200 on brake pads, $500 of tuning.

Modifications start tommorow with the car being lowered and an exhaust fitted. Only problem with the car is it's grey and needs a new paint job.

General Comments:

The car is very reliable, quick for what it is. I've managed to drag off some VL Commodores, one Civic, a Lancer VR-X, 12A RX7 and more. All drivers of other cars were stunned.

It handles well, has brilliant brakes, is very comfortable, good looking, and a quick car. Pity it doesn't like to rev... With my new motor I have run a 17.5 second quarter mile time at 124 km/h. The engine was only 1500 km's old at the time and very tight. With more km's, a better launch and an exhaust I might be able to pull of a 17.0 or so.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2001

25th May 2001, 20:55

Have you got your exhaust yet? If so, what times are you doing now? What mods do you have planned for the future?

4th Jun 2001, 03:43

Yer I've got a 2.25 inch exhaust with one muffler and a 4 inch chrome dump style tip. Its LOUD - I'd guess between 115 and 120 dB (legal limit is 90...). I also have 4-2-1 extractors but due to a slipping clutch I haven't had a chance to run the car yet. With a good launch a 16.99 might be possible I think.

The paint on mine is dodgy too, as are all the grey ones I've seen. I can get spin into second sometimes with the slipping clutch. With my old motor, smaller tyres and when the clutch didn't slip I could lay some big lines when shifting into second! FUN!

What kind of working are you planning on doing? I'm planning to save $15,000 and make my car the maddest Scorpion in Australia one day.

8th Jul 2001, 07:15

Supp all, I've had my scorpion for about a year and a half now. I have done some work to it, like just 4-2-1 extractors, a 2" exhaust and a Magnaflow resinator with a 4" dumper. I have also got a 32-36 Downdraught Webber off a 2.0 Ltr escort, and a mild cam, and she Flys. I Have Plans for it, to put a VR4 Turbo Motor in it, which will set me back about 8,500 all installed, transmission, motor, computer. If Anyone wants to talk to me about Scorpions, I got ICQ and my number is 74380840 or my email is.


Hope to Hear from Yall!!!

20th Sep 2001, 05:07

I have a 84 Scorpion auto. So far mods are 2 inch 4-2-1 extractors - gained 2kw, and 17 inch wheels and lowered springs. I have found that with my old tires that I could lay down some good black ones and that sideways action was never far away in the wet. Future mods are a five speed and a 30l V6 with 183kw stock.

21st Sep 2001, 02:59

I have an 82 GK Scorpion (auto) and have been told that the blocks are different on the autos than the manuals. Is there any truth in this? Also, anyone that can tell me how to drop in something bigger than a 2.6, it would be great to know how. Just for the record - after having my Scorp attacked by a Pajero, I can tell you they are as tough as old Volvos!!!

Anyone that can give me any info can email me at GOLTZCS@HOTMAIL.COM

10th Apr 2006, 23:45

The guy said a LANCER VRX not a Magna... whose head needs a pulling out?

1980 Mitsubishi Scorpion GH 2.6L Astron from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap sports car for the first car buyer :-)


Bought second hand for $200.

Has a lot of rust around the bottoms of the doors and in the rear passenger side wheel well.

Screwy electronics, broken fuel light, etc.

Pool of oil in the air filter.

Gets into third and doesn't change down automatically.

Unresponsive transmission.

Busted rear shocks.

General Comments:

I'm currently doing this car up, hence the problems it has. Despite the problems listed, I believe it has potential to be a really sweet little cruiser :-)

It has a good body shape and I find it to be a generally smart looking car.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2001

27th Mar 2001, 05:36

I've got a GJ Scorpion and the only thing to rebuild is the gearbox (manual) and body as it has rust as well. If you have a strange vibration my suggestion is to get the tail shaft balanced with new unies and it will feel like a new car. I done it and the thing is better than my mothers brand new Accent. 315,000 km.

25th Feb 2002, 15:44

I have a 1979 2.0L 5 Speed I bought recently in Adelaide, The paint's a bit chalky and the clutch is about to pack it in. But what do you expect for $600?

Body and motor are excellent and it goes like no other 2 litre I've driven. Also have an '81 2.6 L 5 speed that for some unknown reason deprived #1 bearing of oil, seized and spun the bearing, wrecked the crank and then let go. My local mechanic informs me that the imported 2.6 is not the same as the Sigma (local) motor and will be difficult to replace. Any comments?

2nd Mar 2006, 20:50

I have a 1979 GE Chrysler Scorpion convertible which can be seen at freewebs.com/scorpionhome. It's been one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. I also have a SEL Mercedes, but I'd rather drive the Scorpion any day... except rainy ones :) Lucky for me here in Adelaide South Australia, it's mostly hot and sunny.

Anyone considering a Scorpion, can find very good examples that have been looked after over the years for less than $AU 2000.00.

1979 Mitsubishi Scorpion GH 2.6 n/a petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Quick, but not too quick


Had to replace the motor (easier and cheaper than rebuilding) as I wrecked the rings, it was using heaps of oil and had low compression.

Slight rust in the bottom of the front guards.

A few other minor problems that were generally because I done something stupid.

General Comments:

Easy to get parts for as everything is interchangeable with standard Sigma parts, only problem I have is it is impossible to buy a service manual for it in Australia.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2000

1st Feb 2001, 07:08

I bought a Scorpion two and a half years ago and I resprayed it and did little things to it, but it still has a stock engine. I think it is the best car because I thought that it would just be a normal Sigma, but it isn't.

Performance in this car is good for stock because I had a drag with my mates 12A RX7, I was level from first, then in second and third he started pulling away, but from then onwards I stayed on his door.

My engine is in bad need of a rebuild, but it kills all stock 6 cylinder Commodores from the age of VC through to VK (not fuel injected), so keep doing more things on Scorpions because I can't find any web sites on them.