1993 Mitsubishi Shogun GLS V6 LWB 3.0 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


I think its the most reliable four wheel drive on the market


Absolutely nothing... it has been a paragon of reliability.

General Comments:

This is one hell of a vehicle, both on and off road.

It drives like a car and is exceptionally comfortable.

The V6 engine is very powerful and it has very good acceleration for the size and weight of the vehicle.

It has never let me down and I don't think that it will... its that good!

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Review Date: 9th April, 2003

7th Feb 2006, 02:55

I bought a Shogun last May. 140,000 miles on the clock, a lot of off road work, 14 years old. Took it with seven people and all their luggage straight away on holiday to the Scottish borders, 1600 miles did not miss a beat.

Still running strong, my only complaint is getting the keys off my wife so I can drive it.

1993 Mitsubishi Shogun SWB 3.0 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Twice the gear box had to be completely replaced.

A bit of rust on rear bumper and rear underside.

I managed to bring garage door down on top spoiler and it was horrendously expensive to replace.

General Comments:

Very happy with the vehicle in spite of gas guzzling and early hiccups with gearbox. Perfect car for heading to the hills with a friend for a few days rock scrambling - flexible accommodation for all the gear, power when you need it on the motorways and in the hills, 4 WD control and great driving position.

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Review Date: 18th April, 1998

13th Jun 2001, 04:30

Gearbox replaced twice, still 9/10 for reliability? Jeez I thought the minor electrical/brake problems on my Jeep were bad. What happened to the gearbox?

6th Nov 2005, 13:34

I own a '98 2.8 SWB Shogun, 118.000 miles on the clock. Reversing out of and turning from a parking space at the local supermarket there was a loud crack from the front of the vehicle and I lost all steering control. I eventually managed to reverse out of the car park traffic stream, park and look underneath to see if I could spot the problem. The bolt at the end of the drop arm from the steering box had sheared off completely leaving me with absolutely no directional control. Luckily, it happened at about 1 mph in a car park; I dread to think what might have happened at 40 - 50 mph on a winding road with traffic coming in the opposite direction. I was not making excessive movements with the steering wheel, the tyres were properly inflated and the car park has a good tarmac surface: no potholes.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Has a manufacturers service notice been issued about anything related to the steering or steering box? I have only bought the vehicle about five weeks ago and it is in excellent condition and had been regularly serviced, there was grease inside the undamaged rubber boot around the bolt.

There was absolutely no warning that this was going to happen!