14th Mar 2006, 17:53

Hi can any of the shogun V6 owners let me know what MPG they are getting from either the 3.0L or the 3.5L. I am in the market for one, but can only find the specs for a diesel, I'm told they are not much difference. Thanks.

15th Feb 2007, 11:42

I have a 1996 3.0 24v and am getting 24 mpg back and forth to work. The only problem with this car is the price of dealer only parts. The fuel pump sending unit has corroded on top of the tank and a new one only available from dealers is a staggering £720+vat.

5th Mar 2010, 08:00

I bought my Shogun V6 LWB new in 1992. I still have it, has never let me down.

I have just carried out an overhaul of the underneath, replacing all rusted bolts, cotters and bleed screws with stainless. The front part of the exhaust is still the original, still no signs of rust to bodywork.

I will keep this vehicle as it's the most reliable four! wheels I have ever owned. Only downside is it's thirsty, but as road tax is only £140 PA, I'll live with that.

3rd Sep 2010, 15:35

Me and my wife have just bought a 1993 V6 3 ltr Shogun ready for the winter trips to Wales; got stuck last time in the snow in our Zafira; had to get a farmer in his tractor to pull us out LOL. Can anyone tell if these handle well in the snow? I know it also involves good driving skills, but could not do anything in the Zafira as the the snow was up to the axles.

The mpg on mine is 20-25 mpg. That's what I found out on the web.

31st Mar 2011, 03:37

I have a 91 LWB 3.0 which I have had for 18 years. It's been absolutely brilliant, though a bit thirsty.

I don't know how your road tax can be £140 pa. Mine is £204 pa. Does anyone know why this is?

Unfortunately though mine has developed an intermittent fuel problem. The fuel pump seems to lose power to it on occasions. Can anyone help with this?