2001 Mitsubishi Shogun DI-D diesel 3.2 from UK and Ireland


Looks good, but plagued by faults


EGR packed up. £360 to sort it. The Shogun smoked before hand badly.

Over heating when towing. New radiator required; £180.

The Shogun came to a halt, no drive. Had to have a new dual-mass flywheel and clutch at 119,000. £1872 later, this has been a real money pit. Thought Shoguns were bullet proof.

General Comments:

My Wife tows a horse box, and (when it's on the road) it is superb, and being the DI-D SWB, looks really good in silver.

It handles well for a large truck, and goes well (when it's on the road).

It has cost us approx £2300 in 3 months of having it, on top of the money we bought it for; very unhappy with that.

We were going to break the Shogun, as you would make more money back in parts (Ebay), but decided to get it repaired, and this is the last time I will spend any more money on it. Next time it's bye bye Shogun, and welcome Nissan Navara double cab 2006 onwards

We get approx 22 MPG; not too bad. You wouldn't want it as a every day car, but we also have a Audi, which is nothing but superb; never had any issues with it. But winter is coming, so if the snow comes this time, we might be able to get around if it doesn't go wrong again.

And I thought Land Rover TD5 Discoverys were bad.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2011

18th Feb 2012, 13:30

Update for the Shogun above.

Now leaking oil.

Wiper linkage has broken, £120.

New tyres, £600.

New brakes, £150.

As I say, it's a money pit. Please let me win some money to get rid of this thing.