17th Mar 2003, 08:45

Interesting to read your fuel consumption figures, I thought mine were high until I saw that your's are about the same. But still higher than I had hoped.

It is a nice drive and smooth ride. Our friends too thought that it was new, not 4 years old.

23rd Mar 2003, 15:52

OK, my wallet can take no more punishment!! I'm afraid I've had to let her go. It was a short relationship, but one I'll look back on fondly. Just over two months since I got her, the crippling fuel consumption and physical lack in my 4 person family for a seven seater has driven me into the arms of another... your maybe not going to like my new choice, and I never thought I'd be driving one, but I've gone for a brand new Skoda Octavia... review to follow, but first impressions are WOW!

28th May 2004, 12:38

I've owned a 2.4 GDI GLX SE from new (1999) and have enjoyed every minute of it. It can be thrown around with abandon or driven sedately and always delivers. Passengers praise it's quiet and smooth ride. I'm baffled at the comments regarding fuel consumption as my 5 speed manual gives me a reliable 35-40mpg in mixed town and country driving and more on a long run. I've had no problems over the 74k miles I've driven, but beware the cam tensioner replacement procedure - several owners have had the balance shaft replaced 180 degrees out! Took me several revisits to have this resolved and she doesn't run so smooth in the interim!! I like my one so much that I'll run her into the ground - so could well have her for another 10yrs at least.. if you see a goodun. buy it!

14th Dec 2004, 09:33

Having owned my Space Wagon GDI for about 4 months now, I have to say I'm mightily impressed. OK, fuel consumption does leave a little to be desired (I'm also getting about 30mpg) and putting your foot to the floor takes a while to have any affect on the speedo. But apart from that, it's roomier than the Touran and Zafira we had a look at before and it's a bit different.

My only complaints would be about Mitsubishi aftersales service; unless you bought the vehicle from them they really aren't interested in helping you out with anything...

16th Apr 2006, 11:26

I have owned a Mitsubishi Space wagon for 18 months, and it has been a good towing vehicle. As some of you say the petrol consumption can be a little high if you travel at high motorway speeds, I was interested in one of your previous comments about the ticking noise that sometimes occurs. My garage said not to be alarmed by it and so I'm not, I don't find the car to be that comfortable as the seats tend to be very solid. I am thinking of trading back to a Peugeot 406 estate again, although my Grandchildren will miss riding in the rear two seats.

23rd May 2007, 15:08

We have had our Space Wagon for about 5 weeks, after waiting 5 weeks to get it, whilst waiting for a new injector to arrive and be fitted.

We took it home finally only to see it still wasn't right, so we had a new catalytic converter put on it, and back then to have a new oxygen sensor put in. So the garage has had the car more than we have in the last 5 weeks!

We have now discovered that it is blowing lots of black soot out of the exhaust, and it is missing a lot, so not running well. We are beginning to think the car is doomed. We also have a clicking noise, and the steering wheel bangs all the time.

It is a good car for space, and I find it very comfortable; the ideal family car. Let's hope it all works out OK. I can hardly keep up with the fuel consumption!

21st Apr 2009, 14:35

I have had a Mitsubishi GDI Space Wagon 1999 model for 7 months, and it's been OK until an indication light call check engine always appears on the screen. As a result of this, the performance of the car has drastically reduced, which makes it too slow and fuel consumption is always high. Please help me with a lasting solution.


LIBERTY from GHANA West Africa.

13th Feb 2010, 18:37

I've had my GDi Spacewagon since 2002; had an engine warning light nearly all the time since then. My local independent garage said their computer indicated an occasional misfire; I've not noticed it in practice. It runs fine, and always has. I always use 99RON Shell V-power, as it seems this engine was designed for Japanese high-octane petrol. I've tried engine-fuel additives, and the 10k de-coke spray-in engine air intake product; - no improvements in performance have been seen, so I assume the engine isn't too crudded up inside. I like mine, and as it is quite old now, with only about £1500 value, I'm going to run it till something important falls off it.

12th Apr 2010, 15:50

Unfortunately, as with the last post, it will NOT just be an occasional misfire and the engine will need a de-coke. The backs of the inlet valves get lots of carbon built up on them. As it states GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) the fuel gets injected into the cylinder and not into the air stream to clean the valves. The carbon builds up and jams the valves open, basically. If the miss-fire carries on, this will damage the catalytic converter, and can coke up the injectors! Many thanks, Mitsubishi technician.

23rd Oct 2010, 14:37

I have had 2 Spacewagons. The first was brilliant, a 1993 2.0L GLXi model, which was 100% reliable until the alternator failed, but she gave 6 good years of service from 33000 to 78000 miles when I sold her. Fold flat seat were well before Zafira "flex 7", and Mitsubishi's are in my view better built than Vauxhalls, Renaults...

The second a 2.4 GDI has been great with a couple of niggly faults.

Starts OK when cold, but belts slip and this screeches for first minute or so. I presume it needs a new pulley, as belts are all reasonably new.

The other is that she starts well, but if you do a short run and try to start her, she'll take a couple of goes and may stall in 10 yards or so, but will always restart. Any thoughts?

4th Apr 2011, 08:28

I got one as a 10 years anniversary gift for my Wifey. 2001 November model. Shows 87,000 km on the dial, but service history books shows last service at 122,000! Dealers' tricks perhaps?

Anyway, I've had the car now for about 3 months. Everything was so, so fine until (1) the check engine light came on. (2) The green "GDI eco" indicator that normally comes on has stopped entirely. (3) I discovered the catalytic's been stolen right from inside the exhaust, leading to a hollow sound from the pipe.

Here's what I did to switch off the CHK ENG; I disconnected the battery terminals for a long time, and put them back and guess what? CHK ENG light was gone and hasn't come back on since! Try it! The "GDI eco" unfortunately hasn't come back on. Any ideas??

4th Nov 2011, 15:46

Can anyone help?

My car's engine check light seems weather dependent!

If it's rainy, windy & the temperature is below 6-8 degrees centigrade, the car doesn't start, even after many cranks, and the engine check light is always on.

If it's sunny and temperature is more than 9-10 degrees centigrade, the car starts with just the first crank, and the engine check light doesn't glow.

My car is at a workshop for the last 2 weeks, and the mechanic can't find any fault; even the Mitsubishi dealer is not sure what is the problem.

I will ask my mechanic to disconnect the battery and short the terminals for a day, and see if this works??

Any other suggestions, please!!

28th Nov 2012, 10:09

Yes, you need to simply service the throttle sensor. If it contains lot of soot or carbon, it will have such power loss and a grinding noise.

7th Dec 2012, 09:12

I most certainly would not advise you instruct your mechanic to short out your battery terminals! You could possibly fry your computer and alternator, plus other sensitive electronics! As a matter of fact, any half skilled mechanic, half worth his or her salt, would refuse such an instruction at the very first instance, correct!

9th Aug 2015, 19:02

My Mitsubishi Space Wagon is a 98 model. I have used it for 5 months. Now experiencing HESITATION when using the throttle instead of increasing the speed. I have changed the fuel pump and serviced the injector nozzles, but no improvement. What do you think is wrong?

14th Aug 2016, 15:34

Hello friends. I work and live in Nigeria. I have owned a Mitsubishi GDi Space Wagon 1999/2000 since 2012. Recently as I was driving the engine suddenly stopped. The local mechanics fiddled with it until the engine started again. Now the problem is that one of the ignition coils (no 4) heats up and burns when the engine is running. As a result of this I no longer use my favorite Space Wagon. Please can someone help me with the solution.

Thanking you all, Lawson Enugu, Nigeria.

25th Oct 2017, 08:29

Good morning sir/madam. I've got problem with my Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2002 model. Robbers came to my house and took my car's key, but now my car cannot move or start again. Engineers said I should change the brain box.

Can you help me get a brain box?

Thanks taofeek from Ijebu Igbo Ogun states Nigeria.

My email address: freedom20003@gmail.com