17th Nov 2004, 21:15

An unusual noise, a grinding sound bugs me. The noise appears at low speeds. Shifting to lower gear at times solves the problem. However, for a pick-up with just 50k on its odometer and 2 years of age, this is quite not acceptable.

24th Jan 2005, 08:52

My L200 2.5 TD also had the "wigle" between 95 to 110 kph. Solve it by balancing the back wheels.

By the way, mine has 265/75 SR 16 BFGoodrich All-Terrain, and they are great in every conditions.

29th Nov 2005, 06:24

I recently acquired a 2003 a/t strada and so far so good. it has the smoothest ride among all 4x4 pick ups I've tested and a smooth shifting automatic. However I question its 2.5 turbo diesel engine it may be fast and quite, but I found it to be a thirsty little monster. I calculated a 7-8 km/liter on city driving even at moderate speeds. considering its bigger tires and hefty weight I'm not realy sure if this is unacceptable for 4x4 automatic. I would like to hear from owners of similar models with manual transmission.

16th Nov 2009, 18:40

Mine is a 2001 Strada with a 104k odometer reading already.

I have also noticed a wiggle in the front tires at high speeds. At close inspection, I saw that the bushings of the stabilizer and the ball joints were already worn out.

I had them replaced and have the tires balanced and aligned at a service center and the wiggling of the front tires disappeared.

I don't know if it would work on your vehicle too, but I suggest you examine your car's bushings and ball joints as well as the tires alignment and balance. If it's worn out already too, then you could decide on what to do yourself.

13th Jan 2011, 05:11


- Drives/ handles like a sedan.

- Tight turning radius for a pickup.

- Good fuel economy.

- You can feel the turbo kick in after 2000 RPM, really giving you a good sense of the engine's power.


- Cramped backseat! Forget about seating more than 5 people in the Strada... It will not happen and will only be uncomfortable for your passengers.

- Paint can easily be scratched/ nicked by a few loose pebbles on the road.

- The small rear window makes it difficult to back out of the garage.