2001 Mitsubishi Strada 2.5 turbo diesel from Philippines


A balance of power and economy


Body rattle noticeable when moving over rough terrain and pot-holes.

Paint is somewhat soft (easily scratched).

General Comments:

Good off-road performance.

Accelerates pretty well, managed to push 160 kph after break-in (15,000 Km).

Stable even at high speeds.

Decent torque as long as the engine revs are kept high (turbo kicks in at about 2000 RPM).

Fuel efficient 2.5 diesel engine.

Somewhat cramped backseat space in the double cab.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2001

11th Nov 2004, 20:59

The front wheels "wiggle" at speeds between 95 to 115 kph. I have tried wheel balancing, but the problem comes and goes.

14th Nov 2004, 15:14

You're right. Mine has the same problem. A friend of mine solved the balancing problem. It is due to the large gum-ball tires (4WD tires) that's not perfectly round.

He switched to a lower profile tire instead.

1998 Mitsubishi Strada 4WD Double Cab 2.5 turbo diesel from Philippines


The best of the the 4WD pickups currently available in the Philippines


Clutch master cylinder needed rebuilding at around 25,000 km.

General Comments:

As per a previous review on this model, the Strada is very rugged and a good off-road performer. It handles the terrible Philippines traffic, bumpy roads, and rugged tracks equally well.

With the turbo it is very fast and the equal of most gas-engined vehicles up to about 120 kph. The diesel is quiet within the cab, unlike for example the Isuzu and Mazda.

The body is somewhat rattly (local Philippines assembly) and the truck does bounce quite a bit when lightly loaded.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2001

28th Sep 2002, 17:08

Based on my current and previous observation, the 4WD Mitsubishi diesel is really a rugged vehicle which can handle various terrain. However, a few thousand kilometers on it, this pick-up really emits black smoke especially during heavy or hard acceleration, in short, the type of engine installed to this vehicle as well as other Mitsubishi diesel engined vehicles like L200, L300 and etc. they are the one's who contribute to the increasing air pollution level in metro manila as well as the other parts of the Philippines. If I'll be given a chance to buy a 4WD rugged vehicle, I'll buy gas powered vehicle, I will not buy any MITSUBISHI vehicles !

12th Feb 2007, 10:48

Strada no doubt is every man's choice when it comes to power and looks, it is simply the best.

17th Aug 2014, 15:04

In most cases the smoke is caused by a dirty air cleaner or you have exceeded the oil change intervals, or both situations arise in your case. Try oil changes at specified intervals; you should solve the smoke problem. Enjoy the driving ahead!

Rod Ledesma

Email: rodelioledesma@yahoo.com

2000 Mitsubishi Strada Rodeo 3.0 V6 from South Africa


A wonderful 4x4 marred by unreliability


Have had to replace the differential centerpiece three times.

Central locking is faulty.

Low range selection packed up.

Front suspension bush on the Pitman arm failed three times.

Constant hum from drive-train.

Car broke down when the engine got wet - replaced the ignition module.

General Comments:

Good 4X4 off-road. Comfortable on the highway. Poor mechanicals.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2001

10th Feb 2003, 09:05

I had to replace my 4x4 pick up's steering column assembly in less than a year despite NOT having driven it off road at all!

1998 Mitsubishi Strada 4WD 2.5 turbo diesel from Philippines



General Comments:

A rugged double cab pickup that will get through anything Philippine roads and country tracks have to offer. Very fast, with a feeling of confidence in poor driving conditions (which is the Philippines most of the time). Bit bouncy on bumpy stretches, but this can be improved with aftermarket shocks.

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Review Date: 31st December, 1998

21st Apr 2001, 17:33

It is one of the most beautiful pick-up trucks available in Asia.

26th May 2001, 10:53

The ride of the Strada can be greatly improved by accomplishing 4 things.

First, by adjusting the height of the front torsion bars to widen the gap between the chassis and the rubber stopper.

Second, by replacing the front shock absorbers with HIGH pressure after market gas shock absobers.

Third, by replacing the rear shock absorbers with LOW pressure OLD MAN EMU gas shock absorbers.

Fourth, by inverting 2 leaf springs on each of the leaf spring sets at the back.

28th Sep 2002, 17:17

MITSUBISHI STRADA that uses Mitsubishi Diesel engine model 4D56 platform is not a good performer.

18th May 2003, 07:55

Problem with them is that they have a strong customer support scheme, but their vehicle turn out to be lemons because their assembly procedures needs tons and I mean literally tons of improvement.

Honda CRV, Toyota Rav4 and The Subaru Forrester are better alternatives if you want reliable 4wheel drive capable SUV's Isuzu Fuegos are well built as well as the Toyota SR-5 4x4 Pckups.

Mitsubishi Strada's only look good and make you feel good, but once you take it mild Philippine cross country roads as well as trips to baguio. Better be prepared. it won't last long.

4th Aug 2003, 12:17

I have driven the 1999 (to present) model Mitsubishi Strada for 4 years. it has proven its worth by helping me pass through the worst driving conditions-rough roads, steep inclines, flooded routes. I have also used it to carry heavy loads-sand, rocks, wood and occasionally, around 15 to 20 grown men who would ride at the back.

It may not be the "best" pickup, but it can surely get the job done.

The odometer already has 80,000kms on it, but it still runs smoothly. just like with any vehicle, as long as maintenance schedules are followed and genuine parts are used, it will last a long time...