9th Feb 2009, 17:30

Is it me or maybe are you a little too hard on cars.

I own a 1992 Verada, and none of what you say has gone wrong. Trans-Axle broke while changing gear. What sort of gear change was that?

Give the car a break, it IS 15+ years old.

8th Mar 2009, 22:24

I own a 92 Verada and the only thing wrong with it is that it goes through a little bit of oil, but for a 92 model, what do you expect, maybe you drive your cars just a little hard as people have mentioned before?

7th Oct 2009, 06:16

I've got a 92', lately it's been dying. shudders/lurches/jumps (it's the one motion, but hard to explain) at speeds over 60km/h, seems to do it more when going up hills (not big hills either, a slight rise will set it off). The problem stops if you completely take your foot off the pedal. The lurk is most common between 85-105km/h, when for no real good reason it will kick in - becomes very frustrating. Feels as if it's missing, or somethings a bit off. Due to no money, the problem hasn't really been looking into.

Mine has had a cracked head gasket for some time, beer-bonging coolant, and it has had ongoing oil issues.

Still, it is a very smooth handling car (when it wants to be), corners well, and has enough power to put a smile on your face.

12th Dec 2009, 01:58

Fair enough the KR Verada is starting to get older and higher in mileage things WILL inevitably Wear out nothing will last for ever in a vehicle.

As for the bumps and scratches in one of the previous comments, if that is the case and blame it on the car, how come my 1989 TP Magna Elite still looks fairly new paint wise? In 20 years it has only ever gotten 3 small dints from a branch and 2 hail dents.

As well as my 1995 KS Verada, fair enough that may have one small scratch on the front bar due to an idiot hitting it with a trolley in a car park.

If you look after the vehicle, it will look after you, I don't want to hear excuse's etc. My TP has been in my family since new when mum bought it in January 1990 (December 1989 build date), it is still on it's original motor with 498,837km, it does not smoke, does not leak oil, does not carry on the transmission shifts smoothly.

If you service the vehicle, oil change every 5000km or 3 months, whichever occurs first, a service every 10,000km or every 6 months, whichever occurs first, service the transmission every 50,000km, change the coolant 40,000km, give the car a wash once a month to prevent rust and deterioration of the paint and clear coat, wax / polish every 3 months to keep the paint in as good as possible condition.

Every 2nd time you pull into a service station, check the fluid levels, water, oil, brake fluid, air in the tyres etc extra 5 minutes if that which could potentially save you money ie lack of motor oil, you drive off bang your motor blows, instant $1000+ repair for a rebuilt motor, or if available new in excess of $3000, and if under warranty and the manufacturer deems user / owner liability and fault, they can void the warranty and claim neglect on the vehicle.

All part of the joys of being a panel beater / mechanic, I see a lot of idiots that mistreat their cars, come in say the cars doing this this or this, and turns out they put it off for as long as possible and in the end it costs them 4x as much as it would have in the first place.

Instead of a simple $185 brake pad replacement, could cost them upwards of $800+ for new rotors, new pads, extra labour, extra parts.

Believe it or not, my female customers in their 30's 40's and 50's take better care of their cars than young guys on there P plates in their late teens, early 20's.

31st May 2010, 20:11

I have a 1998 Verada, I must agree, the brakes are good, the car does have trouble with taking off at start, but I can feel the potential power it has when it is going. Sometimes I feel like putting my foot down hard to see its power, that I know is there. I don't know about other peoples Veradas, but mine has a weird stutter where sometimes (not all the time) I will put my foot down to go and the car will not move, I have to rev the car (put my foot on and off) to make it go. I'm thinking it could be the spark plugs?? I think Veradas look really mint done up. :) I don't think I will have much problems, pretty good for a first car.

27th Jul 2013, 20:57

This paragraph almost perfectly describes what car maintainance should consist of, as well as repairs that spring up along the way. I just wish everyone would maintain their cars like this commenter, because it would make buying used cars a whole lot less daunting experience.