1970 Morris Mini K 1.1 from Australia and New Zealand




Water pump sprung a leak, replaced for AU $70.

Gearbox overhauled.

General Comments:

This car is so much fun! forget about how unreliable it is, remember it is a 36 year old car and handles so much better then you will get out of any modern car! Its all about the fun factor in this car!

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Review Date: 26th February, 2006

1967 Morris Mini Cooper S 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Excellent ride and handling let down by a cramped interior


Windscreen wipers stopped working after 55,000 miles. Had a new pair fitted at my local garage.

Clutch plate broke after 63,000 miles. Had a new clutch plate fitted by the local garage.

General Comments:

This car drove like a dream despite being cramped and having next to no luggage space.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

9th Oct 2005, 20:03

Well, errr, no interior space? Cmon when your car is less than half your height your asking for trouble lol.

31st Mar 2006, 06:38

I've got a 1965 mini and I love it, but you got to remember its like a four seater sports car, its not a real family car (even though original adds said otherwise!) So if you want luggage space buy an SUV, but then you don't get the cheap thrills of a 1275 mini, it's a compromise.

31st Mar 2006, 10:42

I don't understand. I'm 6'2" and sat in a 1971 Mini at an autoshow and fit fine. Yes it doesn't have great luggage space, but that's not its purpose as the above poster states.

27th Jan 2009, 12:55

My uncle got so fed up of the lack of space in his 1969 cooper he had it shoved in a 10,000,000 pound press and crushed.

1961 Morris Mini 998 998CC 4 cylinder from South Africa


Good runner


Replaced the fuel pump

Replaced the alternator

Replace the fuel line

Redo wiring.

Redo the brakes.

Replace temp sensor.

General Comments:

Good runner for a 43year old car.

No leg room

No features, all basic.

Good fuel economy, but heavy on oil.

Always problems with brakes.

Body work needed, but not a lot of rust.

No dents on the body, this car is as hard as a rock.

It's got a good engine, still running after 43 years and 352000 miles.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2004

1966 Morris Mini Bogus Cooper 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Totally Mental


Hydrolastic suspension collapsed, replaced with dry and all tuning gear. Engine was screwed, but hey it's really old and it needed uprating.

General Comments:

Old minis are the most fun you can have on wheels STILL.

Tuning parts are cheap.

You can go as fast around a corner as you can in a straight line.

They are sods to work on.

It's worth the hassle.

Everyone loves them.

Once you've owned one, you will always want/own one.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2004

1969 Morris Mini 1100 from Australia and New Zealand




Distributor and coil got wet in rain, had to have cover made.

Wheel bearings rumbling and replaced.

Wiring caught fire.

Stolen...burnt out ignition and wore out brakes.

Broken tooth on fly wheel.

Choke didn't work from inside the car.

Inhibitor switch worked spasmodically .

I am surprised they were able to steal this car... to start it, I used to have to get under the bonnet, turn the fly wheel and manually pull the choke out, get in, hold my mout right when turning the key, rev the guts out of it, wait till it warmed up and then get out and put the choke back in, shut the bonnet, check the skies for rain... and then I could go wherever it was I wanted to go...

The NRMA people new me by name :)

General Comments:

Fun to drive when it wasn't raining:)

Could park anywhere.

The semi- auto meant I could change down gear going up hills before the auto kicked in.

Even though I had so many problems, it was a good, fun car to drive and one day I would love to buy another one.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2004

20th Jan 2005, 15:39

My Father owned a Morris Mini 1100 K which he brought when the car was 2/3 years old. What a great little car it was. He sold it in 1983 for 800 dollars. He had no trouble with it.Regards, Robert.

21st Feb 2008, 00:23

A nice car, that's true. I own a 1100 Special. It's like a kart to drive.


20th Mar 2010, 04:10

I just restored a Mini K for a guy, and I'm a Mini fan :) They're a good Mini if you cannot come up with the $ for a Cooper S. Being 1098 cc, they have good power for the age of car, and the ride is good with the hydrolastic suspension.

A good condition mini that well maintained is well worth it.

Note the buyer must remember this is a 1960's car that's now over 30 years old :) If you keep that in mind, you should be OK.