1966 Morris Minor 1000 DeLuxe saloon 1.1 in-line four cylinder from UK and Ireland


Perfecting the perfect design - the 1098 Minor


During and after the running in period, no faults were apparent, all components maintained as per the owner's manual. It was new you know...

General Comments:

Having taken delivery of my motor car in October of 1966, my faith in BMC motors and in particular Morris cars has been firmly planted. Morris have built up a reputation for well engineered and durable designs, and the Series V Minor is no exception. A plush and sturdy trim, excellent mechanics and a well proven 'mono-construction' shell equal an exceptional small motor car for the modern family. The 1098cc engine is plenty for any sane man, and the smooth well matched gearbox complements the power plant to levels not seen with other manufacturers. The strong brakes have brought the car to a steady and safe stop many a time. Morris have managed to make a car, as flawless as motor design will allow.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2016

29th Sep 2016, 11:22

455+k miles?

3rd Oct 2016, 23:32

The issue is it isn't 1966. Having had Minors in the past, I know the 1098 A series engine with the 4 speed (no synchro on 1st) gearbox is not equipped for the modern era.

Take a 500 a CITIGO or a C1. You can drive from say Newcastle to Plymouth @ 80mph with the aircon on listening to your DAB radio in relative comfort on less than 2 tanks of petrol.

Try that in a Minor and you will be deafened, exhausted, sweaty, have blown the engine up or lifted off to cruise at 60mph and probably stopped for at least one extra tank full.

Great cars, but outdated by the end of the 70s.

17th Oct 2022, 16:38

Has to be a typo, must be 45K.

18th Oct 2022, 09:05

Why must it be a typo? It only works out at just over 9k miles per year. When looked after properly these simple cars will run for as long as parts can be found.

18th Oct 2022, 18:57

Would be interested in knowing how the reviewer achieved such high mileage? Any major repairs/replacements? But review does not tell us anything about that; instead we are told in great detail what a fab design the Morris Minor had, almost sounding as if taken from a sales brochure circa 1966.

And any car that is not wrecked will continue to run as long as parts can be found and are replaced.

20th Oct 2022, 14:24

TBH you probably should have asked all that stuff 6 years ago if you wanted to get a response from the OP...

My first car had a version of that 1098cc engine, and had done 120k miles in 15 years when I got my hands on it. From my experience of it there wasn't a mechanical design weakness, but there were an awful lot of build quality issues in the ancillary parts.

I'd be more interested in finding out how much of the bodywork and chassis were still original by the time of the review, because all of my Morris/Austin/BL cars have been rust heaps.

1966 Morris Minor 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Ever wondered how to enjoy driving again?


Failing battery - I should get another, but I'll just keep charging it!

Knocking from front and wheel shudder at speed.

General Comments:

I've uprated this car with all sorts of stuff to make the best of its capabilities. Considering it's a 60 year old design it's astonishing how easily it copes with modern driving conditions. Some things you can't change however and it's demisting capability and noise levels are dreadful although the heater works much quicker than any modern car I've owned.

Not the cheapest form of motoring despite some people's comments, but charming, fun and (in the dry months at least) a wholly practical, charming alternative to a soul-less eurobox.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2006