2008 NAZA CITRA GS 2.0 petrol from Malaysia




Wiper wiring problem that caused the wiper to cease operation during rain.

General Comments:

- Overall comfortable ride, with normal wear and tear parts replaced on schedule.

- Faced a wiper wiring problem during the warranty period, but it was solved by the service centre.

- No major issues during 8 years of ownership, apart from a leaking top radiator cover and leaking air conditioner hose, which was replaced accordingly.

- Fuel consumption could be high in city driving, but cruising along highway would see low consumption as per normal 2000cc cars.

- Use low weighted engine oil such as 5w-30 and replace the fuel filter every 60,000km to address the fuel consumption issue, if necessary.

- Currently, the engine consumes some engine oil and maybe due for an overhaul, but it is acceptable, given the high mileage engine at 200K km at this juncture.

- Conclusion, it is a good MPV with surprising durability.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2018

2005 NAZA CITRA GS 2.0 CVVT from Malaysia


A great car!


The door handle broke last month (Sept 2010).

General Comments:

Other than the door handle problem, this car has never gave me any problems.

This car's performance is just superb.

Braking is fantastic.

Comfortable interior.

Wonderful sound system.

High quality paint job. The car looks as new as it was five years ago.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2010

2008 NAZA CITRA GS 2.0 Normally Aspirated CVVT from Malaysia





General Comments:

This car is an understated performer, both in terms of space and pace.

The interior has plenty of room for this size of MPV.

The engine with its CVVT technology delivers respectable acceleration and a generous torque curve.

The consumption is not bad at RM0.21 per KM (in Malaysian economy).

The list of standard items for the car is generous; double DIN stereo with MP3, auto sunroof, leather seats, ABS, EBD, SRS, SIPS and even a 12 Volt interior power outlet for the chargers/laptop.

The driving feel of the car is tall seating and an excellent forward view, and generally good all around view.

Overtaking kick-downs with the auto box are fairly quick (60 to 100 KMH sprint) thanks to the CVVT excellent power delivery.

Stopping power is excellent with the all round disc and ABS set up.

Wet driving situations are superb with the front engine and front drive set up.

In summation, I would frankly say that this is an over performing and yet understated car.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2009

2006 NAZA CITRA from Malaysia


Not worth the money


Less than 40,000km and I've already got a radiator problem.

At less than 2,000km, the seat adjusting lever (driver's side) is already jammed.

After 5,000km, the CD player has gone kaput.

General Comments:

I dread to think what else can happen in the near future and I'm now seriously contemplating on disposing the vehicle before it empties my wallet or ends up being useless.

The service charges, by the so-called authorized workshops, are extremely expensive. If I had my way (the car, fortunately or unfortunately, belongs to my wife), I would forfeit all the warranties provided and take it to some other workshops that can, not only do a better job, but at a reasonable price too.

Yes sir, I would definitely not recommend anyone to buy this vehicle.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2008

2005 NAZA CITRA LS 2.0 from Malaysia


An understated performer


At 40k the radiator leaked. But under warranty - was a common problem for this model made within that time.

General Comments:

I bought it new.

First things I noticed - the bad consumption and quite hard to drive, caused mainly by some body roll.

After some time, I started to realise that this car has a great handling capability, is a good cruiser, and has enough power and space as a decent people carrier.

After getting used to the way it behaves, the car handles well, even when negotiating tight bends. I always feel pity to the smaller Kancil or Proton to do catching ups; may be the drivers of those cars think this MPV is only for a kind and nerd family man!

But this is not categorically a driver's car. I can always maintain the low key.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2008

26th Aug 2012, 06:51

You're comparing this 2 litre car with a 0.66 / 0.85 litre small Kancil. Why not try comparing with a bicycle?

21st Jan 2014, 02:11

The previous reply has my total agreement. When making comparisons, we need to make them fair ones. Comparing the Citra to another 2 liter car is fine, or else why not just make it more absurd by comparing it to a toddler's tricycle; I'm sure you will get a much greater difference in performance and economy.

12th Sep 2018, 23:42

I think he must have been thinking, why use that pretty miserable Kancil when you can own a nice and very comfortable Citra 2.0L for the price of a Kancil and have plenty of room and power at his hand... just my thinking bro...

2004 NAZA CITRA GS 2.0 DOHC from Malaysia


I hope NAZA can improve the sound insulation of this car


Nothing wrong with the car.

General Comments:

The 2.0 DOHC engine of this car is powerful, but the cabin is noisy when driving on poor road conditions. It has a very plasticy interior and a lot of squeaky sounds from all over the cabin.

The sound system is good. The LCD of the CD player will display the distance when you shift to the reverse gear.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2007