19th Jan 2008, 19:33

I heard the NGV system for Naza Ria (Kia Carnival) had not full prove yet, might dangerous while install. EXPLODE ANYTIME.

Naza Ria (Kia Carnival) not really need to install NGV system, if we kept in schedule of maintenance, use correct engine oil grade of Fully synthetic SAE 0W-30, change air filter every 15,000KM.

I believe Naza Ria Petrol consumption will remain as 23 ~ 25 cents / KM in town traffic.

20th Jan 2008, 19:32

I have a 2004 Naza Ria (1st owner) so far no major problem. A very good car. But I don't think can get 24sen per 1 Km. Mine is like 32sen per 1 km (totally town driving).

11th Mar 2008, 01:14

I have just bought the Naza Ria SG version and got to drive it on 6 March first time! Indeed for a RM91K MPV (Special offer in Feb) it feels really luxurious, very comfortable and stable. Before buying this car, I have got my personal advise from my brother-in-law who is a very senior person at Naza. This is what he got to say:

1. Prefer buying the SG because there's no tweaking work done on the car.

2. When starting the engine, NEVER ram the engine because the piston is steel while the body is aluminum. Both have different warming characteristic. Let them both warm-up slowly.

3. Please change the T-Pipe cause the original always gave ways and this is the cause of overheating.

4. As mentioned by the rest, always use FULLY SYNTHETIC oil. Semi or non-synthetic may damage the engine (V6).

5. Always observe your service schedule by authorise service centres.

Hope these few pointers help. Happy driving.

16th Jul 2008, 20:49

I would like to buy Naza Ria Model GS year end of 2004 and I would like get some advise from you all. What you think about this model is it OK. Pls mail to me ASAP. mike_308@hotmail.com.

12th Oct 2009, 07:08

I have read lots of Naza Ria comments, but don't who to trust, Naza technician or owners... maybe that's why the car's price drops so fast...

19th Nov 2009, 07:49

I'm going to buy 2nd hand Naza Ria SE 2004 model. Can anybody who has experiences with this model please advise me coz I don't want to kill my pocket buying this car.

19th Jan 2010, 01:58

Good News Malaysian.

Heard from many Malaysian users and Kia (Naza) service managers and technicians, Naza Ria (Kia Carnival, 2.5L) no more encounters engine overheating problems, the main compartment should serious take note as follows;

1. T Join must replaced with steel or copper

2. Check water coolant reservation tank must always be maintained at a sufficient level.

3. Every 10,000KM service, maintenance should be done at Kia or Naza workshop.

28th Jan 2010, 08:00

I have place booking for Naza Ria Rs in October 2009. I have also book registration number for the car. This booking number will expire in end February.

But till now - The car has not arrived yet.

I have been calling the car agent, but the answer is still waiting for stock.

Any of you have a similar problem?

17th Feb 2010, 09:59

Dear Friends.

I had read all the comments about how to take care of Naza cars, and what are the things that you should change in-order to prevent overheated or any unwanted things occurred to our cars. I very sad to say this actually, how many of you (owners) understand your "consumer rights".

Do you know that, at the moment you modify, anything in the car engine, your warranty expires immediately. Please… I advise you do not do this. Yes, I understand the problem that Naza Ria cars have with the major problem that is engine overheated, which leads you to 7K to 10K to repair cost.

I'm a Naza Ria SE owner, after 2 days of major service of car (40,000KM) my car broke-down in the middle of the road (engine overheated), where my coolant tank was empty and the coolant mixed with the engine oil. After few arguments with NAZA SERVICE CENTER, they agreed to change my engine with the reasons "Manufacturing Defect" and also under warranty (2 months more to due my warranty period). They changed 1 complete engine, and on top of that they charge me the engine oil, filter and so on with cost RM2,++++.

I asked them only one question, 2 days before I had my major service, and I want them to put back that oil back inside. They said that the oil is mixed with coolant. I asked them, is it my problem? They said according to the “warranty book” state all consumable things are not covered under warranty (check your book).

Yes, I paid after 1 week of my car in the service center. I asked them to write me a letter which states that, I have to pay the oil and etc, then service center will release the car to me.

Next day I filed the case in "Consumer Court", and NAZA MOTOR paid me 1 week of car replacement (during my car under service center), all the oil, filter, collect (RM2,+++) and service charge that I paid earlier.

To narrow down my long story, I just want to tell you that "you are not required to be “Motor engine designer” to own and drive a car", if you follow according to the user manual and still you have engine problems, it simply means the car has poor design and a manufacturing defect". Bring them to court.

I urge you all to understand your right as a consumer in Malaysia.

Basic Rules to file a case in Consumer Court

1) You must be original and single owner of the car (2nd hand owner have no right to file case under consumer act).

2) All the service must carry-out in NAZA Authorized Center.

3) Keep or file all the bill of service and etc.

4) Your claim is not more than RM25,000.

Do not worry, in consumers courts you and NAZA MOTOR can’t represented by lawyer (rules of Consumer Court). You and the representive of the NAZA MOTOR personal only (not lawyer in profession).

It is only RM5 to file a case. And this “Consumer Court is equal to Magistrate Court. Believe me, please check our “Persatuan Pengguna-Pengguna Malaysia” web page.

Anyway, since I’m in outstation, next week I will file another case again NAZA MOTOR of the defective manufacturing (air tendang).



12th May 2010, 23:27

I bought a Naza Ria in August 2005. In Nov/Dec 2008, I encountered an overheating problem, but I was told by the dealer that it cost about RM11k to solve the overheating, therefore, I decided to ask an outside workshop to do the repair.

Then in April 2009, another overheating problem, and I bought the spare parts from Naza and asked the outside workshop to repair it.

2 days ago, I saw there is white and smelly smoke from the exhaust, and I drove to Naza and was told that the water is mixed with the engine, and the cost of repair is around RM11k.

I have been driving Proton cars (Iswara, Wira, Perdana) and I never encountered such problem in my years of driving. From so many complaints I have read on the Internet about Naza Ria cars, it confirms that the Naza Ria has the inherent defect of an overheating problem. The Naza manufacturer should be be responsible for the defect. Hope the Naza manufacturer will contact me to help me pay for RM11k.