27th May 2010, 01:21

I just brought a 2nd hand 2006 Naza Ria GS.. Is it that I need to change the T Joint??.. I was looking for a service center near KL area.. Can anyone recommend me where is the best place to service my car... beside a Naza service center? Thank you..

14th Jun 2010, 04:58

Here is some information and experience about owning a Naza Ria GS year 2005.

I bought this car in April 2010. So far I have spent about 3K to get it back on track. I got it from a second hand car dealer, and I was cheated by buying this car based on mileage displayed on the speedometer. It's clocking at 75K and I thought it was a good buy since if you compare the 2005 model with the mileage it is quite low. However two weeks after I bought it, I had an overheating problem, stuck in the middle of highway Utara Selatan at Slim River. But I was lucky enough as the overheating problem had not gone too far before damaging the head gasket. I managed to continue my journey until reaching KL. I had done a thorough check, and started changing all the parts related to the cooling system. At last I found it was a radiator fan that was the culprit, as it was running at a slower speed than normal.

As a conclusion, do not buy cars based on the mileage, as used car dealers are very smart at setting up a fake mileage to tell people that the car is hardly used. But in reality it could be more than you expect. Rule of thumb... keep your gauge temperature on the glass.

idris@kassim GS2005

9th Nov 2010, 02:00


I'm dreaming to buy a second hand NAZA RIA, but when I read comments from the NAZA RIA owners regarding the car, I feel afraid.. but I'm still interested in that car. I need some advice on what model should I go for, or just forget it... I don't want to be in trouble..

Thank you..

Hp: 010-9822994.

Email: kamarul4422@yahoo.com

25th Nov 2010, 01:54

Hello, so far I do not encountered problem with my Naza Ria SE (Kia Carnival), the mileage has already reached 195,000 KM.

The most importance of what you need to do for the Naza Ria, you must follow strictly the maintenance schedule.

8th Aug 2013, 02:19

A lot of cars were designed in countries with 4 seasons, but you don't have to waste time checking coolant every 2 weeks, using only Kia recommended oil. Heck, my 20+ year Alfa Romeo never needed such pampering and still ran like clockwork...