1988 Nissan 200SX XE 2.0 from North America


Better than the Honda!!


Overheating majorly when I purchased the vehicle for $1,500, especially when the A/C was on (and we need A/C here in Arizona) Bought a new radiator, found out it was the original 1988 radiator and was clogged. The new radiator basically fixed the problem and hasn't overheated majorly with the A/C on except for on the highway.

Engine real loud on highway on a hot/mild day... not sure what that could be since I'm no car expert. Probably just pushing it, but I don't go over 90MPH.

Right lock broke off. Since I have power door locks I have to shut of the car for the passenger side to unlock, which gets on my nerves.

Fuel leaked proficiently. The fuel filler hose got a crack on the very end so it leaked when I filled gas, probably a gallon or 2. Went to all the Autozone, Pepboys, etc. and does not carry the hose since it is a rarity and shaped like an S. Nissan dealership sold the hose for 80.00 and I didn't have the money at the time so I turned the hose upside down and since the crack is at the very top, it doesn't leak now! Hah... ingenius! :) But hwen I do get the time I need to fix it.

Car uses up a lot of gas even though it is the small engine and only a 2.0 4 banger. Car sputters a lot when pushing gas pedal because my fuel injectors are clogged. Teh fuel injector cleaner fixes that problem real well.

Clutch pedal has no pressure and makes a loud whiring noise on occasion when starting until I release the clutch into first gear...hm? Some say that could be a problem soon that my clutch may be going out?

Heater core leaked radiator fluid onto my carpet so I sealed the hoses so therefore I have no heater usage this winter. I hope to get new hoses soon.

Overflow radiator jug all weather-cracked.

Vinyl weather-cracked and just torn apart.

Burns motor oil QUICK! I refill every week. Car does not leak anything though!!

Outside trim cracked and turned yellow, but I spray painted it black again and it looks SHARP!

Interior, normal wear and tear, but seats great. Carpet worn.

Otherwise, I love my CAR!

General Comments:

I wish I had the V6 over my 4 cylinder btu it is actually a pretty sweet quick little guy for a small engine. I hope to turbo it someday. Painting it hot pink next month and getting a few interior work done. Getting some black rims as well to make it look SHARP. I do need to get a tuneup though because I haven't had one since I bought it. My car does not leak anything and hasn't given me major costly problems at all. I hope to perk the baby up in many many ways. If you see this car, it is definetly worth it despite how much parts do cost due to its rarity. It's a beaut, expecially when they are fixed up and beat the old beater Hondas!

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Review Date: 29th November, 2005

24th Dec 2011, 11:25

You're going to ruin this poor thing if you make it pink.

1988 Nissan 200SX SE 1.8L turbo from North America


This car is a poor man's Ferrari


The Transmission needed to be rebuilt a few months after I bought it, but it was still under warranty. There was no charge for the repairs.

The master cylinder for the clutch failed twice in 2 years in the mid 1990's. The repair cost was reasonable.

The steering failed in 2003 almost causing me to have a traffic accident.

For the last 4 years or so, the driver's power window switch is very difficult to activate in the "up" position. It is a bit annoying, but it is not a major headache.

General Comments:

This car is a rock solid car.

It looks great and drives great.

The steering feels solid.

The transmission and gear shifting feels solid.

It has a big, thick steering wheel.

It has wide tires and rims.

The shocks holding up the rear hatch has never failed.

When I drive the car, I feel like I am a part of the road.

Other than routine tuneups, I have never had a major issue with this car.

After 17 years there is only a little bit of rust in the front wheel wells.

I highly recommend this car.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2005