1998 Nissan 200SX 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Buy one today!! he he


A few computer gremlins, but £40 sorted it out.

General Comments:

I was a little worried about buying this car since I was unsure of the reliability and so forth. But after viewing a few I finally bought one. What a car!! It does everything I need it to do. The handling is pretty sharp and looks pretty menacing to drivers looking back at me through the rear view. The cabin is snug and typical Japanese. Rear space is a tight squeeze for adults - but rear passengers don't seem to complain. Boot space is reasonable, but if you are into your audio, you will not be able to squeeze any decent size sub woofers in there.

More individual than a Subaru Impreza and hot Honda's.

Insurance is fairly cheap as well as the general running costs. A well made all rounder. These cars should go on for ever. Just a shame I did not buy this car years earlier!!

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Review Date: 19th August, 2003

1998 Nissan 200SX Touring 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


Fast, reliable and fairly inexpensive


Tracking needed attention.

General Comments:

Extremely quick when it wants to be. 0-60 times are sub 7 seconds, but if this is what you're after; don't bother - you'll shred the tyres and probably kill yourself.

The 200sx is really a Grand Tourer. With plenty of mid range torque coupled to a powerful engine it eats up miles without breaking a sweat. The seats are also superbly comfortable (without being particularly supportive) and the overall driving position is excellent.

The performance is really in the in gear acceleration, which can be eye-opening at times - even flooring it in 4th and 5th gives you a good shove in the back. Careful in the wet though as traction control isn't an option and I've managed to spin the wheels in 3rd before now (an unpleasant experience at 60-odd mph).

The handling is sharp without the ride being crashy and the interior is solid, but unspectacular. The boot is a surprisingly decent thing and who cares about the back seats anyway. If you want four seats buy a Volvo. There can be a little much road noise at times, but this is due to a lack of sound proofing in the back to keep the weight down (it only weighs about 1250Kg).

Overall: nice - but down drive like a pratt in the wet because it'll catch you out.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2003

11th May 2006, 05:56

With a car like this 3rd party traction controll is a good idea. Saves you killing yourself.

1998 Nissan 200SX 2.0 turbo from North America


This car is a great car for delivering pizzas.


There is a rattle coming from under the car. It comes from the catalytic converter shield.

The engine light stays on always.

General Comments:

This car is really fun to drive.

It handles great on turns.

Good Accelerating with manual transmission.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2003

1998 Nissan 200SX from North America


Not a racer, but sporty and reliable

General Comments:

It's not a drag racer by any means, but quite enjoyable to drive.

Good mileage, about 30 miles per gallon.

Front seats very comfortable, even on long trips.

Back seat is cramped, esp. for tall people (6'4").

Lots of trunk space, too.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2002

1998 Nissan 200SX SE 1.9 from North America


Sporty, fun, reliable car for a good price!


There is a terrible egg smell that comes into the car when it has been running for a while. I have had a new exhaust put on it, a new catalytic converter, changed types of gas, and it still smells profusely.

General Comments:

This is a sporty fun car for a young driver. I could park it in just about any spot there was.

The car handles great! You could not find a better one in its class.

Superb buy.

The dealer could not see anything wrong with my car, that is until it was out of warranty. That is when they said it was the exhaust causing the problem. I replaced it, but the smell did not go away. Would not deal with the dealer again.

Great gas mileage!

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Review Date: 16th September, 2001