1998 Nissan 200SX 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


Fun and reliability in one


Nothing, very reliable

General Comments:

This was a great car. Fantastic. My only 'bitching' is that inside it's typically 'Japanese' plastic, and today 200bhp is not particularly eye watering... BUT I hear it's highly tunable without serious internal engine upgrades. I only did minor changes, like exhaust and induction, but overall a great, reliable and fantastic car.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2018

1998 Nissan 200SX SE 1.6 fuel injection 4 cylinder from North America


I bagged a gem of a car with this Nissan


Bought this car for $500.00 with the following items needing attention.

Broken exhaust pipe ($100.00 repair).

Clutch slipping (10 minutes adjustment of clutch pedal for now, but roughly a $700-$900 repair).

Back brakes were shot (new set in trunk, just need to install).

Engine was removed and replaced by the previous owner (main reason I bought this car; only 50,000kms on a new engine, even though the odometer reads 293000kms).

Broken windshield $180 (got the price way down with it breaking on the dealer's lot).

Power windows were slow and jittery (a can of silicone spray costing $8 fixed it).

General Comments:

I bought this car after living with my Mazda for 10,000kms, and I wanted something a bit newer.

Looked around for a newer car for months, and finally found a 1998 Nissan 200SX SE. It was a huge upgrade, compared to the old car (1989 Mazda 323 sedan). Engine size is the same 1.6 ltr, check, transmission the same 5 speed manual, check, insurance is the same, check, check.

The first day I had this car, it sucked as it sputtered, it slipped, coughed and wheezed its way home. With a few basic repairs done by me, the non mechanic, it was soon purring like a kitten. Thanks to Google for the assist.

I have read other reviews here, and some say the performance for a 1.6 isn't that great. I say it's more than enough for me. It feels like I have more than double the power of the old car. I was pleasantly surprised.

I can add a a new header and intake later, and it will have even more power.

Your probably wondering why a guy would buy a car that needed so many repairs. A guy who knows value is who. This may be a tuner car, but it means parts that are cheap, and usually better than factory.

The engine was rebuilt by the previous owner with 50,000 km's on it.

Thought to myself, I have a little diamond in the rough here, let's take a chance.

I took a gamble not even test driving this car. I couldn't be happier with what I got. The first 50kms in it were not good as it was loud sputtering and the clutch was slipping like crazy, and I just got home with it. Replaced the spark plugs the next day and the engine was perfect. Adjusted my clutch pedal and the slippage was gone. Fixed the exhaust and it's quiet.

I just bought this car, and with every cheap easy repair, it keeps getting better.

It is so nice to have power steering, power locks, power windows, alarm/remote starter/remote lock, AC that blows cold, a tachometer (old car you drove by ear when it was time to shift)

This car is amazing, it takes corners with ease, it is smooth, it is responsive. It's sporty. I feel like I traded in grandma's hooptie for a sports car (well I went from a sedan to a coupe). I like the performance, styling, and handling of this car. I keep catching myself speeding in looking at the speedometer on the highway.

Took it on a 2 hour highway drive on a twisty mountain road, and it blew me away on how smooth it was. No shakes, no groans, no complaints, I swear it was like the car wanted more. The old car that trip was scary; this car it was confidence inspiring.

I have only put 1500kms on it so far, and have had a bit of work to do, but I still think I got one hell of a deal.

Repairs are quite reasonably priced. The car is easy to work on even for me.

This car might be old to some of you out there, but for most of the other cars I test drove, they didn't seem quite right. Nice as they were, this car clicked (and even made financial sense) the minute I sat behind the wheel.

In good shape the same model sells used for $2000-$4000. Mine with repairs cost under $1500.00, and will run for years before I have to say goodbye.

I may have bought another man's trash the way this car came to me, but I'm turning her into this man's treasure. I love this car so much I named her Nancy.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2012