28th Jan 2005, 03:55

You don't need to keep the engine running for 30 seconds before switching off - so as to allow the turbo to cool. The 200SX has an intercooler, so there is no reason to do this.

Also, you can change the oil at every 3k miles - but its not really necessary. Nissan recommend changing oil every 6k miles, but say that really you could stretch it out for 9k if necessary.

Does anyone else get the nasty noise when you engage gear and bring up to the biting point the first time after starting?

Other than that the car is brilliant. However I have a couple of groans about it - you don't get much MPG and it you really enjoy yourself then you'll be lucky to get more than 9 miles to the gallon (gulp!). Drive it like an old lady and you'll still never get more than 25-27 MPG. Handling is a little soft as well and the gearing is perhaps a little bit too long in 2nd and 3rd gear...

18th Sep 2006, 12:58

It has been proven through oil analysis that a 6k oil interval is more than acceptable with synthetic oil. 3k is just overkill and unnecessary. See SXOC.com for details.

10th Jan 2007, 15:02

Hi - just fit a turbo timer! £100 for the unit could save you thousands down the line!

I am thinking of buying a face-lift S14 lowish miles etc, is there anything I should look out for? All tips/ hints would be much appreciated.


7th Feb 2008, 19:50


First off get over to the SXOC. It's a great Owners club, and all the info you could need is there.

As for buying a car: Same as anything really, Full Service History is a must, avoid abused examples and don't be scared of miles. There are cars out there pushing 300bhp at 250K miles. They're unbelievably Strong! Don't be scared of a few simple modifications either, they'll save you money in the long run as these cars are pretty much impossible to own, but not tune. They like it! Good luck in the search, and you can always buy mine! (WeirdNeville on SXOC)