2nd Feb 2006, 07:00

I just picked up an '85 200 SX. The previous owner did lots of mechanical work, and to my surprise, it doesn't drive or ride like a 20 year old car. In fact, it runs a lot better than my 88 corolla. This 200 SX has about 243,000 kms on it, but as far as I'm concerned, it could have been driven off the dealer lot just the other day.

22nd Sep 2007, 20:28

Just bought a 1985 200SX today and paid 700US for it. I had owned a 1988 a few years back and was very happy with it and it had massive power with the 3000 V6 in it. Wish I would have kept it. But alas today I have another although it's a coupe with the 2.0 engine, it runs great and just needs some TLC. I need to redo the door panels because of sun damage from sitting for over a year, but am pleased to have finally found a good one. Nissan makes great cars as long as they are the US and Japanese manufactured. Stay away from those built in Mexico because they really are crap.

Ledfoot2000 in NC.

4th Dec 2007, 21:06

I had an 85 200SX hatchback 5spd manual that I bought in 93 for $2000. Within a the first month I burnt the clutch after a few too many donuts and tire squeals. It was my first manual which I learned to drive by trial and errors. It was a very reliable car and very easy to maintain. I did my own tuned up and even fixed my own brakes. It never spent a day at the mechanic for anything other than the clutch issue. I was always impress as to how a 4 cylinder engine uses 8 spark plugs!

My 200SX drove any distance without sweat while sometimes overloaded with furniture and appliances. I kept until I graduated from college. By then it had over 140kmi on it (from the original 75kmi) and sold for the same amount that I bought it for 5 years earlier. I wish my M3 will be this reliable.

22nd May 2009, 17:15

I loved the car for the short time I had it. But then I just had to go 100mph on the freeway and throw a rod and had to get it towed home. Now I have to bring it to the junk yard. Just to let you know don't go that fast with this car it will blow up.

21st Jan 2010, 17:18

I have an 85 SX200. Cool cool lil car, I bought it in 96 for I think 300 bucks. It ran great for about a year. The only down side was an alternator, and there is a strange bounce in the rear end. I have taken it to 3 shops and they seem to be somehow overlooking it, they don't know what it is.

Right now I am thinking of doing some mods to it and getting it together. Any ideas or suggestions on what I should do?

24th Jul 2010, 09:39

Have had my 1984 s12 200sx since 1992. Paid $2500 had 90 000km, it now has 486 000km. Great car. It's been from Halifax to Dawson City Alaska. Only drive it in the summer.