9th Aug 2002, 01:31

Hi I own a 1992 nissan 240sx convertible and it is a great car. it has 70,000 original miles. I have had no problems with this car what so ever. for all the owners of a 240sx don't give them up. they don't make them any more and one day they will be worth some money. I love this car.

19th Jan 2003, 11:54

We recently purchased a 1993 Nissan 240SX convertible

and it has a few quirks. I believe the previous owner neglected it a bit. I knew I had to put some regular upkeep repairs into it, but then we had an overheating problem that ended up costing us about $850 over 4 separate appointments with a generic repair shop. I finally took it to the Nissan dealer and they fixed it on the 1st try. My suggestion is to take the 240 to the dealer and let the trained pros handle your problems. It may cost a bit more for the repairs, but at least you will not have to worry if the mechanics are experienced enough to help.

29th Mar 2003, 06:00

I drive this car, too. My is from 1993 and has only 63.000km maybe 40,000Miles. This is nothing. I am german and here you can get this car for 3000-4000€. In $ it is the same. I love that car. My drives 250km/h without Tuning. The Turbo is perfect. Now I plan to buy a Nissan 240SX CIII Model Bodykit. This is my first car and very fast for a beginner. But I love the FR. My tip for you all is to buy this car in Germany and shipping it to the USA or else.

9th Sep 2003, 13:46

I would have to agree that a SR20DET is the best engine to swap into your car. That engine is one of the best ever made for the money. Why spend a grand or more on the stock KA20DE motor when you can spend $3500.00 or less on power and reliability. Go for the best.

17th Oct 2007, 18:06

My 240SX was sitting in the garage for about 4 months before I was able to completely fix it up, there are still some minor things wrong with it, but even so it drives like a dream and I especially love how it can go around corners and still feel amazing!

And yeah people did say it looked amazing just sitting there in the garage slowly getting repaired, some neighbors even offered to buy it!

25th Oct 2009, 21:01

I love my 240. I have a sr20 in it and I am still working out all of the bugs, but so far it is a blast. Parts are cheap and working on the car yourself is easy. Some of the part numbers are the same from a Nissan Hardbody pickup, so parts are cheap.