3rd Dec 2002, 07:24

I don't agree with this review. I Own a 1993 240SX, and the balance is just perfect. I now have a bad starter after 130 K Miles. It all depends on how the car has been taken care of. A timely maintenance and correct handling will keep the car in good shape. You must have bought a car, which must have been totally abused.Prasanna, Providence, RI.

5th Sep 2003, 12:35

The 1990 Nissan 240SX hatchback I purchased brought me back to 1974 and my new Z-28 Camaro. Handling and cornering on my SX better the Camaro by a large margin even after the difference in size has mechanically been accounted for. My 240 had only 59k miles when I bought in 2001 after two years searching for any sports car with RWD and in a higher echelon of overall condition. The previous 0wner added aftermarket performance shocks, tires, rear tower bar and and simple, exposed air filter. At worst he raced amateur level accounting for "NISMO" attached to rear under spoiler or, at best, dreamed of such with the 240 ending up being his well cared for "BABY".My mechanic, after 2 years of numerous rejections, gave his only respected approval to purchase the 1990 240 5 speed dicovering the remote starter as a bonus unknown to myself and I assume to the dealer also, to include my mentioned aftermarket parts. To sum up my thoughts: Exellent and bulletproof 2.4 motor that has acceptable pull at low rpm and impressive midband torque in highway 4th gear passing situations.Comfort, legroom and cosmetics top notch for front two occupants, backseat is nonfuntional for passengers, but is integrated with hatchback rear cargo capacity design being the primary goal and only option I can observe, but is more than adequate and earns highest praise.Reliability, body style, driving enjoyment and affordability is of the highest with the 240SX.Much more positive, and, to the lesser degree, negative topics concerning this Nissan is for later...Thanks.