31st Oct 2006, 13:09

Check the exhaust sensor. Causes the check engine light to go on. Should have EFI cleaned at this stage and the sensor replace. The sensor is finding something wrong with the burning mixture.

17th Feb 2009, 03:47

I agree that the 240sx can be dangerous, especially in stock form with its narrow tires in wet conditions, and sometimes in dry conditions if your alignment isn't 100% perfect, and your tires are not in excellent condition, regardless of tread.

My 240sx went completely sideways without warning while I was slowly braking downhill; I was lucky nobody was close enough for me to hit. I still love the car but, am nervous whenever the road is lightly damp or wet; even in stock form the car produces enough torque to spin the rear wheels easily in an straight line or in a corner; so driving skills are a must with this car because anything can happen at anytime.

Otherwise, it is very reliable and has great aftermarket support, and can be sold at much greater value than Blue Book if in good to decent condition, as these cars are sought after especially 97 and 98 models. I've have young to old men approach me in traffic, car dealerships, and my house offering to buy my car. The young guys want to build it up and the older and old guys say that they always wanted one. I'm keeping my 97 because I believe the old guys are not offering for nothing, due to its popularity in Japan, drifting, and easy conversion to a Siliva or higher performance Silvia/240sx without being extremely expensive, is a plus in this car's column; Possibly a future collector's car.

Remember the generation of people that were around will determine the value of this car, not HP and performance alone, and everyday these cars are becoming more rare; especially 97 and 98 models whose production numbers were low to began with.