18th Jan 2006, 17:46

I had a 1991 240SX. It was the best car in the world. The only problem with mine was a leak in the trunk. I loved that car with all my heart. I wrecked it recently due to wet roads and an oil slick on the road. My brakes locked up and I hit some one. I miss that car. I believe the 240 is very dependable and looks great. I'll never forget that car. It's going to be difficult to get used to any other car. I hate the one I have now. If you can ever get a hold of a 240SX; KEEP IT!!! Never let it go.

3rd Mar 2006, 00:36

I will agree, these are some of the best cars made for fun, sporty driving to and from work, Or for a night out on the drag strip. I drive mine everyday, fairly hard to and from work. The only complaints with mine are as follows: Replaced Clutch and all at about 130K, and now recently had to put a new Headlight switch in er'. It is also now needing shocks/struts in a bad way. Other than that, from the flip ups to the Heads-Up, these cars are classics of their own kind. Oh yea, and mines for sale... itsa 1991 240SX SE. Later...

6th Feb 2007, 21:28

I agree with you all, my 91' 240SX SE gets about 500 miles a week and runs great everyday. The only complaints I have is the flip-ups/headlights shake when up and the headlight switch went bad and would shut off both headlights when in the Dim position. Other than this, the car is a great daily driver to load up on miles.

2nd Jan 2008, 14:31

UPDATE: (from original poster of this survey)...

The car listed in the original post has seen over 100k miles of use while in my possesion, gaining horsepower, handling, and other upgrades along the way. The car received a new set of cams, cut specifically for turbo or other forced induction, an upgraded ECU to handle commands taken from CONSULT, Nissan's ECU re-programmer, new urethane suspension parts, a new Centerforce clutch, and Brembo calipers and rotors all around to stop this car. The car looks stock at first glance, until you notice the custom muffler with two-2" pipes on it. Other than that, the car looks stock, and kids in daddy's 5.0L Mustang or mommy's Civic Si have no clue what they're getting into when they chuck revs at my 240sx. It will pull, depending on the tires, anywhere from an 8.1 to as low as 7.4 second 1/8th mile, finishing the quarter in just over 12 seconds. This from a car with a mileage of over 220,000. All in all, I would buy 4 of these, one for each season.

28th May 2008, 20:25

Geeze, I was looking up sites where I can advertise my 240sx but now that I've seen how many people like it, I'm even more reluctant to sell it than I was going in, lol. Guess I should be happy there's a market for it.

I too loved driving the car and I used to wonder how come it was relatively rare on the road. The only other car that I enjoyed driving as much was a friend's BMW which handled better during the winter.

I'm going to miss this one...sniff.

14th Jan 2009, 22:33

I just purchased a 1991 240SX SE, so far I have it garaged as I am working on it. It has 64000 miles on it with new Blizzak tires and new 17 inch rims with Kumho tires, and new Injen intake.

I bought it for 1900, so right now I'm kinda looking around to see what kind of performance it has. Exterior is excellent except for paint on hood, fair interior with new Kenwood, and speakers. A lady sold it to me cheap as it was her ex boyfriends prized car, but it was under her name haha. She gave me over $2300 worth of receipts of mods that car has had. But I am still a bit skeptical as to why it was so cheap. After looking it over and over, all I found was 67 cents and a broken antenna.