1991 Nissan 240SX LE Super Hicas 2.4 Gas from North America


Rare rear drive fun/economy/looks


Have had the car for less than a year, bought from my best friend's big brother. He replaced one of the exhaust resonators before I took it away (it has two).

General Comments:

Stiffly sprung, not for everyone.

It will likely spill your coffee, especially because there's no cup-holders.

SOOOOO much fun to drive.

Rear wheel drive with sophisticated independent suspension.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2008

21st Dec 2010, 08:27

ABSOLUTELY. I bought my 1991 240SX LE HICAS from my best buddy's older brother. All stock except a conservative spoiler and wheels/tires.

I live in Canada but the car's never seen winter. She's almost mint. Corners as if on tracks.

Yeah, like you say, no cupholders and rides a little stiff, but the fun factor is huge.

1991 Nissan 240SX Coupe 2.4 gas from North America


Cheap fun! Cheap to fix! Cheap to upgrade!


Nothing really wrong with it that was out on the norm...

Faded paint on bumpers.

Little timing chain noise.

Power steering leaks.

No truck space.

Auto seat belts are annoying.

AC didn't work.

General Comments:

I originally got this car for cleaning up and selling, but I ended up building a race car out of it. The car I had before was a hatchback and I did like that car, but I loved the look of the coupe.

When I got the car it was 100% stock and the previous owners took good care of it. The only option it has is AC.

The vary fist thing I did was the regular maintenance such as a tune up and fluid changes.

I added a Header, intake, and an electric fan to the original KA24DE motor. I never had over heating problems with removing the clutch fan. With those mild performance changes it dynoed at 135 HP at the wheels. The motor ran vary strong the entire time I had it.

The motor got replaced at 198k with a Japanese SR20DET 2.0 Turbo 4cly. It was night and day power wise and made the car extremely fun to drive. With the motor stock it had 160 hp at the wheels. The cost for parts was $2500 but well worth every dollar. The only problem is finding parts is a little of a pain.

The car got 20-24 MPG with the stock motor. On a trip to California I got 31 MPG on two tanks. The new turbo motor I got an average of 18-24 (it's way to fun to drive).

I also lowered it 1.5 in and the handling was awesome compared to before. It's OK in stock form, but just even a little lower and replacing the struts is a good idea.

I'm am also fond of the Japanese "Silvia" (same as our 240sx, but composite headlights instead of the flip-ups). I changed the front end, making the lines flow better with the rest of the car.

The seats suck! This is the only thing I hate about these cars. I replaced them with some Japanese Nissan Skyline seats. They are vary comfy next to the stock 240SX/S13 seats.

The car its self being totally stock is a fun car. It has been called the baby 300ZX and for a good reason. These cars have the same basic rear suspension as the 300ZX, Skyline, and some Infinity's. Upgrading these cars is some simple and parts are cheap. If all you want is a little fun car to drive, they are also good for that too. The replacement parts are vary cheap and easy to find.

They do how ever, handle horrible is snow, so don't try. Rain is not much better, but OK if on the hyw.

I have had 15 of these Nissan's with the first one being in 2000. The hatchbacks have more cargo space then the coupes, but hey also have rusting problems unlike the coups. I don't plan on selling it any time soon.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2008