1991 Nissan 240SX Base 2.4L KA24DE from North America


With time and patience, this car will become something great



Sprung a few leaks, eventually changed it to a KOYO OEM radiator.

Water Pump:

Began to cause the car to overheat, changed it a few months back.

Lower Control Arms:

Ball joints are used and abused; plan to replace in a week or so with aftermarket quality parts.

Front Seats:

Were ruined from coffee stains from original owner, using a seat cover to hide the stains. Will be replacing the seats with either S14 or S15 seats sometime soon.


Bushing need replacing due to old age. Plan to switch to whiteline bushings from PDM-Racing.com.

General Comments:

Overall this is a dependable car. I usually drive very fast and very hard, and no matter what type of pressure or stress I put on this engine, it keeps on going, other than what I listed above, which overall isn't so bad for a 14 year old car.

It's dependable, and with some touches, will be a car to last.

I plan to install a SR20DET or a RB26DETT once my KA24DE engine dies out on me, which from the looks of it, won't be for some time.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2004

1991 Nissan 240SX Base 2.4 from North America


600 horses of fuel injected machine...nope, 155


Upon buying the car in 2003 I had to get it smogged, it failed and needed all sorts of smog related work.

Water pump cracked, but I didn't know until I performed a pressure test and coolant started pouring from the pump, however under normal driving conditions, it was never a problem.

Master cylinder was leaking, had to be replaced, looking over service records, it had been a problem before in '94.

Drivers seat is wearing rapidly.

Somehow the mounting bolt for the alternator slid out and the belt snapped, it made no noise at all, but my battery light came on, but paid no attention to it since I blow fuses all the time, car died in traffic.

Steering rack leaks.

Valve cover gasket/spark plug gasket was leaking, replaced a week ago.

Differential seal leaking.

I think my front seal it leaking and I know my oil pan gasket is leaking, not too bad however.

Hose to from power steering reservoir to pump was leaking, replaced.

Rear brakes are gone and so are rotors, need replaced.

Front brakes make a grind/roar under heavy braking.

Plastic tail of antenna broke and is now stuck inside motor, unplugged power antenna, reception is fine without it.

Drivers side lap belt has broken, doesn't retract.

Passenger side front inner fender ripped off one day while driving in windy weather, also ripping the plug out of the windshield washer pump rendering it unfixable.

General Comments:

I like the layout of the interior, its very well designed compared to other cars I've ridden in/driven.

Car handles very well even stock, hopefully I can upgrade the suspension soon.

I like the 240sx, it's a great car however mine isn't the best, I'm hoping to sell this one and maybe buy another someday, but my ultimate car of choice is my 73 240Z which is currently in pieces.

In spite of all the things that have gone wrong with my car and the things still going wrong, I still like it and its still fun to drive, even though it's an automatic.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2004

1991 Nissan 240SX Base from North America


A very good performing car at that price level


Timing chain had to be fixed and the brake master cylinder had to be replaced after having it 12 years. I replaced the front seats, but mostly by choice. The odometer stopped working at 40,000 miles. That's not a problem at all for me. I replaced the tires and rims for some low profile sportier ones. I added a spoiler for looks and a tiny bit of perceived stability.

General Comments:

This car is industructible. The engine runs almost as well today in 2004 as it did when I bought it new in 1991. It's never left me stranded anywhere. I could use more horsepower, but at the time was relatively fast. That's before car manufacturers started playing the horsepower game. The back seats are OK for short people, but taller people will defintely feel cramped. All in all though it's not a sedan so those people should feel lucky I'm taking them along for the ride. At the time it wasn't advertized at all. I wonder why Nissan never did that. I see a lot on the road, but no one seems to take care of theirs.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2004

7th Sep 2005, 00:25


My number four cylinder isn't really there anymore, in fact, there's a hole where it should be... drifing will do that! :)