26th Apr 2007, 07:18

I can't believe you are talking about a Ford Mustang... I mean come on it's a Ford... The only thing their good at making is truck that can pull 25000lbs. If your gonna compare yourself to a muscle car then do it with a Chevy!!!

14th Sep 2007, 18:08

Can't you guys just get along. A car is just that, a car. Some are built for road racing, some are built with the drag racer in mind, and others are just to get you where you need to go. I love most all cars from most all manufacturers. They all have there purpose, and yes some are better than others. Better is a relative term however. Some have better performance, some are better drag racers, some are better road racers, some are more durable... I have owned both a 240sx and a 5.0 mustang. I liked both cars. My mustang is an 86 with an 87 front clip, tremec tko transmission, and a built 5.0. It runs mid 12's in the quarter and is a hell of a lot of fun to drive. My 240 was a 1990 with a KA motor. I had a Jim Wolfe cam, 60 trim t3/t4 hybrid turbo, 3 inch full exhaust, large front mount intercooler, and 50 shot of nitrous. My 240 also ran 12's in the quarter. It was also a hell of a lot of fun to drive. I don't see what the big deal is. The most important part is not what car you are driving, but how much fun you are having. The winner of the race is not who has the best elapsed time, it is the driver who is having the most fun!!! Peace to all. :)

20th Jun 2008, 02:23

This is insane, stop trying to compare a Mustang of any size, to a 240 of any year. You wanna go fast, DO IT. Really though stop saying you can do it better in this car. You want to go fast around a corner, get the lighter of the two (the 240). You wanna go fast in a straight line, get the heavier and larger engine of the two (stang)

But stop doing this "I smoke_____ all day long in my ______"

No one cares, it's about what YOU want, not what a message board has to say.

4th Aug 2008, 03:43

I agree with most of the people on here. Stop with the Fords; I can say from experience they suck. I've owned a 71 Ford LTD Convertible; it was powerful but died.

A 68 Ford Falcon; not too powerful with its straight six, but still a very nice old car but it died as well.

A 82? Ford E150 van 5.0L 4 barrel carb. and dual straight pipes was on its last leg when I traded it in for a 92 Mercury Cougar. First to go was the rear differential, then the A/C, then the digital dash, then the windows stopped rolling down and it was an oven in the Florida heat.

After that was an 89 Ford Crown Vic Ltd; it's had some starting problems. I'd reset the fuel pump and it would start, but one day without warning it stalled, and now no matter what I replace, it won't get spark.

So I saved some cash and went and bought an 89 240sx. It runs great, but the take off is a little slow and it doesn't like to shift right away going into 2nd gear. My guess is the previous owner was trying to race and drift in it. But with todays gas prices, it's worth fixing this car and having a car that will last me for quite a while.

And I know it's a fast car; after I hit 2nd gear I can fly down the road.

6th Apr 2009, 20:10

Each particular car has its own specific properties, right??? So why argue about which is best??? I'm, a Proud 1993 240sx owner and I'm swapping in a 5.0 v-8 this summer. Obviously I appreciate both worlds, and if you're a decent driver than it shouldn't matter what you drive.

26th Jan 2010, 01:08

OK for one, yall are comparing two totally different class of cars... for one a 89 stock 240 is a 4 cylinder, where a Mustang 5.0 is a V8, and the 90 model Mustangs with the 4 cylinder will not even compare to smoking a 240. It might stay with you, but it won't win. I had some guy acting like his stock 92 4 cylinder mustang was so bad ass, and he got angry when I stripped his ass... So what's the point in arguing about a stock 240 racing a stock 5.0.

21st May 2015, 04:59

I'm a Ford fan, and a 240 would never have ran a Mustang. I have done an LS swap on my 89 S13 and a 5.0 swap on my S14 for the same reason - Nissan don't have the power, and they never will have...

21st May 2015, 18:33

I wouldn't even touch the throttle of my Fox body against this Nissan. Let alone the 100 shot Nitrous. Reminds me of a guy revving a Jeep Cherokee one day at a light. He touches his throttle and wins the race that I wasn't a participant of. Good for him and good for me. I could care less. No matter what you do to a Mustang GT, it is time totally worthwhile and perfectly well spent. The best bang per buck ever is this car. The next closest bang per buck of the century would be a Corvette LS1 C5. You simply cannot beat the performance per dollar spent.