14th Nov 2007, 01:00

November 14, 2007.

I've upgraded the setup from FMU to SAFC2, 370cc injectors, Walbro 255 lph fuel pump, LC1 wideband and recently added 3" full exhaust with circuitsports catback.

Pushing 12 psi for over 3 months on T25 now without issues.

Waiting to install.. N60 MAF, MSD Boost Timing Master..

Looking for s15 480cc injectors to max out the t25 @ 15 psi..

14th Nov 2007, 01:05

** Oh yeah - I take it back about used turbos - T25's are relatively easy to take apart, rebuild and run again with a kit. I heard people's concerns about balanced shafts, etc. -- good advice but not worth for me to spend 400-600 dollars on. I've done over 14k on my first home rebuilt turbo and no smoke or leaks.. runs fine..

22nd Dec 2010, 03:57

Stardate.. yeah right..

Dec 22, 2010 update.

I blew the last motor after mickey mousing a tune right before a dyno. Didn't tune up the AFR's near red line and engine got hurt - cracked ringlands. I still drove it for about 6 months after at 12 psi - just raised idle rpm to compensate for the vacuum loss. Lesson learned - mickey mouse tunes + boost don't mix.

So is it over? Of course not.. just rebuilt a new motor last March, and have been running it since. It has 9.2:1 compression pistons from an Altima inside stock ka24de motor - all new stock goodies, except Felpro gasket & ARP studs, and some rework on the intake manifold to tweak it.

Runs good & boosted again. This time - no funky tuning. Will keep this updated until I sell...

Check out all these changes I wrote over the years in my blog - http://www.kenchanblog.com

26th Jan 2011, 07:11

Quick update -- me again...

The KA-T ate my snow tires.. now it's a hockey puck.. other than tires.. it runs greeeaat.

19th Sep 2011, 22:39

Another update.. Sept. 19th, 2011...

In June, suddenly my 6 puck clutch (XTD stage 3) took a crap (after serving me for 3 years) - spring popped out of the disc and jammed the plate, causing it to be stuck in gear. I just put in an rb20det lightened flywheel and 350z pressure plate / clutch disc (6 puck), and it runs good again.

Minor issue:

6 pucks are not really good when you've got rain or snow - they like to spin tires during engagement, and this new combo is one heavy mother... ;)

21st Sep 2011, 15:21

Tell me, do you actually race this car? Or is it just a road car? Because a clutch doesn't just lose a spring unless you're really hammering through gears all the time, and not shifting properly while doing so.