1984 Nissan 300ZX 3.0 V6 turbo from North America


Asian Muscle car


Since I have had it, I have replaced the alternator, brakes, tires. mostly routine maintenance stuff. it has had and new clutch cause it was stolen, and got blown. some minor thing I believe. currently there are some thing that are wrong. ac does not work, there is no sound system, the weather striping is going bad and some seals are leaking. The headliner is sagging and interior me restoration and it worth the time to restore this car.

General Comments:

My Z needs some TLC. but it is great running car, low miles and performance is great. the turbo kicks in at 3000rpms and you will know it. I live on a hill it, climbs it like a flat road. If you are a driver that enjoys driving, this is a good car. Fast and handles well. I love rear drive, and when you throw the shifter around you know there is some power back there. this is a Asian muscle car. you hit the gas and the hood lifts up, even on the highway. I am 6 foot and about 275 pound and this the most comfortable car I have driven. if you are looking for a fast and fun car to drive, or race the have heard of the engine puting out over 500 hp, at the rear wheel and it looks good.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

1984 Nissan 300ZX turbo from North America

General Comments:

Have replaced the digital dash and dash computer. Purchased a rebuilt unit from e-bay seller who repairs units. It was great to see all the lights again. Highly recommend the rebuilt units from the mid-west.

The only negative was having to remove the dash to replace.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2004

1984 Nissan 300ZX 3.0 V6 from North America


A great car and a bargain to own


Alternator went out at 120000 miles.

Transmission is starting to grind when shifting fast, especially when it is hot outside.

Power antenna lowers, but will no longer go up automatically.

General Comments:

I love this car! I live in the mountains and commute in it daily. Great on the twisty roads and plenty of power for passing the slower cars on the road.

Handling is great. I owned a first generation Mazda RX7 for a few years and the 300ZX handles better and is much more stable.

Interior is fairly comfortable and roomy, even for my 6'1" frame. My wife owned a mid-80s Maxima and I could only drive it if my head was sticking out of the sun roof.

Overall a great car and relative bargain to own.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2004

1984 Nissan 300ZX ZX 3.0 V6 SOHC from North America


Worth every penny


Digital Dash Went Out.

Transmission 1 and 2nd Gear.

Blew Oil Rings.

Valve Guides are shot.

Rust under carpet.

Leather seats falling apart.

Rear end bushings went out.

Clutch was out.

T-Tops leak.

Head light issues.

Exaust leaks.

General Comments:

This car no matter how old or how many problems this car had it was the fastest car I have ever owned. Country roads were excellent cornering and acceleration was incredible. I kept up with a 6 speed manual 2002 Trans Am V8 with a great driver behind the wheel. With 250,000 I could not believe the power and cornering like it was new.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2004

1984 Nissan 300ZX Turbo 3.0 turbo from North America


For $9000 I got a +10 showroom mint 300ZX Turbo five speed prize


Nothing has gone wrong at this time.

The 300ZX is in showroom condition.

General Comments:

Not many people will find a 1984 Nissan 300ZX Turbo in showroom condition with only 29,000 miles. This particular vehicle was stored for sixteen years, prior to my purchase in 2001.

The 3.0 Turbo engine combined with the five speed Borg-Warner is an awesome package, lots of torque, close shift pattern and very solid clutch.

It is very difficult to control your desire for speed with the 300ZX, it begs you with the horsepower and again when the turbo kicks in. It's very hard to remove the smile from your face.

This is a very fun and serious sports car to drive which demands careful control of its power on acceleration, rear end has a tendency to break free on hard turns under full power.

Overall the 300ZX Turbo has a lot of good points- tight body, nice paint, strong motor, comfortable seating for two and with the proper care should give many years of quality service.

I have replaced the following items due to age and mileage - timing belt, spark plugs, spark plug wires, belts, fuel filter and tires.

I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who loves old sports cars that are fun to drive and display at car shows.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2003

9th Dec 2003, 16:28

Steven, your right about the "smile on your face" with this car, I have an 85 turbo model, and I Love this Car!!! I have some normal maintenance to take care of with it, but who cares? (smile), this car is too much fun to worry about it. I've noticed the same problem with the rear end braking loose at times, hehehehe... gonna try different tires and a little suspension boost to try and rectify the problem. Just too much horsepower on cornering, isn't it a shame? (grin)...I thought at first it was an Anniversary Edition model because of the hood scoop, and trim package, can't find much info about the 85's. I haven't seen another one like it around phoenix. I'm gonna rehab the car top to bottom cause I want to keep it for another twenty years.


10th Dec 2005, 21:34

Hi Steven.

Couldn't agree more with your review. My wife just bought one with only 3,800 miles on it. The owner retired 21 years ago, bought the car as a present to himself, and then kept it in a heated garage until now. He decided to donate it to a local car museum, but we bought it instead. Still had the original sticker in the window!

It's just amazing the level of technology they put into this car that many years ago. The only thing we miss is a CD player, but we've found an combo GPS/MP3 unit that plays music through the cassette player. We will be taking to Palm Springs to enjoy the sun with our "new" car. :-)

31st Jan 2006, 17:50

Thank you both for your comments, they will help others make the right choices when they are ready to buy a 300ZX (Z31).

Best Regards, Richard.

20th Oct 2007, 12:10

I am about to purchase an anniversary edition in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to get behind the wheel and try it out. It's a California car with under 29,000km and it appears to be nearly perfect, or will be, as soon as I get it. I currently have 1980 FOE 10th anniversary (I thought it was a 10th until I started to research after I bought it). It is in great shape, too. I have two others; an '86 and an '87, which are both for sale (so I can get the '84). I just love the Z!


1984 Nissan 300ZX Turbo 3.0 from North America


I love my 10 second car


I bought the car as is without working engine for $1500. Found one from an online source for $2300.

Need to replace the antenna and heater vent flaps.

I have several modifications done as well, but nothing else that had to be done. Just wanted more speed.

These cars have enormous potential.

General Comments:

Love at first sight.

I own two, an 84T and an 86 N/A.

For all Z owners, go to www.z31.com for anything you want to know about your car. You'll see me there, I'm Double Z.

For a total of $6000 (including purchase, engine, minor modifications), I have an awesome 10 second car.

These cars handle like a dream and are incredibly gorgeous.

Not too mention they are not very common. A definite head turner. Especially when you're passing that Porsche.

Interior, well it IS a sports car. Seats are adjustable to be curved to the body.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2003

1984 Nissan 300ZX GLL 3.0 non turbo from North America


A real nice car that I got for cheap


Digital gas gauge.

General Comments:

I love my Z. I have not had any trouble with it except for the digital gas gauge. But I do love it. Really has the get up and go.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2000

11th Feb 2001, 09:24


What a coincidence, I have the same problem with my 1984 300 ZX; the fuel gauge on my digital dash does not work. Other than that, great car.

I've only had the car for a couple of weeks, so I don't really have any comments about the car.

7th May 2002, 06:44

Hi, I also have the same problem with my ZX...Weird!!