19th Jul 2004, 10:16

I bought my '86 Z31 for $500, put in about $800 worth of parts (shocks, ball joints, tuneup, etc...) and about 40 hours of my own labor. A month and a half later I drove it from VT to FL and back with pleasure! I found it more comfortable than my Volvo...

6th Sep 2004, 13:05

In my Z I have put in an aftermarket head unit and needed no rewiring. The only problem is that I have to replace the head gasket, not at the fault of the vehicle. The previous owner went 80MPH with a broken radiator!

23rd Sep 2006, 13:40

I want your opinnion should I get a 1986 300zx for $800 with 165K miles and the only reason he is selling it so cheap is because it needs some body work.

19th Nov 2006, 15:35

Yes, It would be a good investment for the future. That is if the bodywork is actually fixable and everything else is in good shape. Good luck!

24th Jan 2007, 00:04

I have an 87 300zx with 81k...Garage kepted..minor front right damage.1200.00 Needs rt. fender Headlight ass. and bumper. Frame is in great shape.. Leather int. Power seats auto trans.. 863-699-3977 Tom Lakeland Fl.

12th Jul 2007, 10:20

I was just wondering if it would be a good investment for me to purchase an 86 300 ZX for 1500 it has 148,000 miles and a missing passenger side mirror with a new rota needed on one side... other than that it seems like a good car.

18th Sep 2007, 20:59

Where can I buy replacement interior sun visors for the T-tops?

5th Oct 2007, 10:15

You might can find one at a reck yard if they have any z cars in that is or just buy from your local nissan dealer.

4th Jul 2008, 02:28

Hey, just wondering if this would be a good purchase.. after seeing all the positive reviews about these cars, it almost seems too good to be true. Here are the specs for the sale:

This is a 1986 Nissan 300ZX manual 5 speed non-turbo, 2 seater.

It was originally from the states so the units are in miles.

ODO has 13x,xxx miles on it.

Engine still runs, no leaking, no burning oil.

The engine pushes approximately 160hp, with 180lb torque.

Replaced starter a while ago and still under warranty.

Also got new rims on the rear 2.

The body has some rusts on it.

The front right fender is a bit dented, hence the bumper isn't that balanced.

It will be a great car in summer with some TLC. And it'll be better if some body work is done before drifting.

Asking $800 Firm.

3rd Sep 2008, 22:29

Anyone figure out what on the T top is the cause of the puddle in my drivers side carpet? Is it the drain holes on the roof below the t top that gets clogged? Or is it a gasket issue?

14th Sep 2008, 15:34

I own a wonderful 1986 Z non-turbo. This is possibly the greatest car I've ever owned. Speed, handling, and fuel economy are great. After I drop my new turbo in it you'll most likely be seeing me on youtube, or possibly in a high-speed chase on the news. To all you Z drivers out there... put the pedal to the metal, you only live once.

16th Sep 2008, 12:43

I just purchased my 2nd Z (an 86 with 120k on the odometer). They are wonderful cars! Any idea where to purchase replacement sideview mirrors at a reasonable price (power, but non heated)? I want to get the cosmetics up to par and both mirror housings are cracked.

9th Oct 2008, 12:27

My Nissan 300ZX is exceptional. I took the turbo engine out of one of the collector z31, I think it's a VG30-DET with a garret T3 turbo, most likely the Fairlady Z. She is a dream, I tore out all the old stuff from the interior, and got it new door panels and bucket seats... Each stock seat in the z31 weighs about 50 to 60 lbs. :( eh I wouldn't keep them.. the bucket seats make it such a comfy car..

11th Aug 2009, 21:58

I am about buying a nissan 300zx 1986 car automatic for $1200, I like this car but the problem of this car is the ECU... the ECU is not controlling the speed meter and the fuel gauge... is the ECU repairable or replaceable? if it is how can I go about it... please I need an urgent advise!

2nd Apr 2010, 07:20

I own a 1986 with 146K that I store each winter and run just during the summer - about 5K. Most of my driving occurs in the city or on rural backroads. Back in the mid-90's I had the fuel injection system replaced, courtesy of a Nissan recall, but after that it has been essentially basic maintenance. Only real problem is the digital dash that has a nasty habit of going blank periodically - problem with the connectors that requires some underdash gymnastics. Oh yes, and the AC that died in the late '90's - but then there's the T-tops.

This car is a fantastic, reliable drive that still looks great - looking forward to getting out on the road this spring.

2nd May 2011, 16:30

Is your car a turbo? I have the same. 300ZX Turbo 86 year, but it's an automatic... It gets TERRIBLE gas mileage. It could be because in California we have all those additives for the environment. I get about 14 miles to the gallon street, and about 18 miles on highway. With gas at $4.40 a gallon out here in the Bay Area it is very bad.

Perhaps I need to check the oxygen sensor. I get the oil changed regularly. Also get the tires rotated as well.

So I just got a 2007 Scion TC with 41K on it... But I'll always keep my Z.