2003 Nissan 350Z performance 3.5L V6 from North America


Love my Zed


Replaced the transmission once, again I have a grind in 5th. Muffler rusted off at one of the pipes. Bose system skips to the point the CD player can't be used.

General Comments:

I obsess about this car. I Love to drive it, I'll just go out and drive. Never felt that way with any other car. Car feels like its firmly planted even at 250Km/h, can't say that about too many cars. Many people wonder how one can fit anything in this "little" car, but I have no problems, I can fit two golf bags or enough luggage for a week long road trip.

The styling is very modern, just needs a bump in power output to compete with other sports cars and many new sedans these days. Nothing worse than being pulled on by a similarly priced four seater. The REO40s are absolute garbage as far as tires go. They do have a stiff wall, but the traction is no good. Best first upgrade are good tires (REO50 Pole Positions are my next, DO NOT BUY FALKEN ANYTHING) and rims which make the car even more fun. The tire feathering on this car is obscene, expect to go through a lot of tires if you're gonna push it. Suspension mods can relieve this problem.

I get bored of cars, but this baby is with me for the long haul. I often joke around that I'd soon lose my house. One word of advice is get the extended warranty, you won't regret it.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2007

2003 Nissan 350Z Touring from North America


Fast, beautiful, only complaint is the ride on bad roads


This is an awesome car. However, I am very surprised that I have not heard anything about the ride quality. If you are thinking of buying a z, do it, but beware the ride in the city is harsh. I live in the city, but most of the car dealers where I live are in more suburban areas. Thus, my test drives were on nice smooth suburban roads. The first time that I drove into my office downtown I was shocked by the ride quality, severely stiff and unforgiving (I have the 18's, which probably don't help). Road imperfections are often jarring and I am concerned that the car will develop rattles over time. I have actually resorted to driving my pathfinder into work most of the time in an attempt to keep it tight.

That said the car is awesome for weekends and days when I just can't walk by it and not drive it. The car is fast, it will hit 100 in the blink of an eye and the same suspension that I have criticised is masterful when you have a chance to push it a little. The car meneuvers with surgical precision. The gas mileage is exceptional too. I love the car, but after all of my research I was surprised that I hadn't read about the harshness of the suspension.

Finally, the car gets lots of attention from girls downtown which makes the bumps less important. I still would have bought the car.

General Comments:

Fast, comfortable, beautiful, harsh ride on less that perfect roads.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2006

4th Apr 2007, 13:42

Well, what do you expect from sports car with 18" rims in the city? Of course the ride will be rough, unless roads where you live are really good (which is the opposite for me).

3rd Jan 2009, 21:05

I live in Detroit and the roads are bad here. I would say that it drives rough on bumpy road but in a pleasant way. The Bridgestone RE050 or RE040 are garbage. Make sure you "ONLY" use winter tires in wet and snow cause the back end fish tails like hell and you will "DEFINITELY" get into a violent spin.

Otherwise it is an awesome piece of machine. My other car is an IS300.