21st May 2015, 06:40

Meh. The girls don't care anymore. The design is dated.

21st May 2015, 16:55

The 350Z is one of the great used car bargains out there now. You can buy it cheap and sell it for pretty much what you paid for it. The 04 and 06 were great reliable used car choices. And they made a lot of them, so many different equipment models and colors are available for sale on the used car market. The drawback to the car is a very cramped interior... and it's hard to get in and out of... you are very low to the ground and the suspension is very, very heavy duty. There are still a few one owner fully loaded models out there for sale.

23rd May 2015, 09:33

I owned early Z models. This body design in my mind, especially the frontal area design, keeps me away. The ones from the 70s and early 80s as new were pieces of art. If a nod toward a retro look could be achieved, I would buy again. I had white with dark glass T Tops and it drew crowds. I currently own 4 white late model vehicles and 1 silver. People ask why. White especially looks clean and is coolest in the warm climate. Other than early rust issues and A/C failures by 100k miles, I have always liked the ones I once owned. If just the body design were revamped, I would buy again for a year round daily driver. There are a lot of other sports cars to take some styling cues from as well.

24th May 2015, 23:43

Hopefully Nissan is listening to you. Because US 2014 sales were down to about 7200 total cars sold. Compare that to about 754,000 Ford trucks built and sold in 2014. Nissan has some soul searching to do on their 370Z car. And it looks like a hail mary pass is needed to keep that Z afloat in the coming years.

25th May 2015, 09:59

Keep in mind these cars are expensive. People are going to buy a new Vette or a 911. This car is crying for an aggressive design makeover.

25th May 2015, 16:49

"The design is dated."

The review was posted NINE years ago!

27th May 2015, 03:36

It's still dated on late models today.