2006 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast Coupe from North America


Great looking, but would never buy a Nissan again!!!


Driver side window motor reset twice finally replaced

Right rear bolt holding shock to frame broken

Passenger side air vent breaks

Tire pressure indicator faulty.

General Comments:

Great acceleration and power

Quality of car extremely poor given cost and type of car

Reliability and frequent repairs way too high for first year of ownership - 10 times

Very dissatisfied with Nissan to resolve issues or provide customer satisfaction

Car was a lemon and they would do nothing other than offer to trade in at Blue Book value.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 26th October, 2007

27th Oct 2007, 04:01

Your`s was obviously a lemon. Nissan in Australia have a very good reputation and the 350Z is regarded as a high quality, highly sought-after sports car. It rivals, and in many cases, surpasses some of the European equivalents, some of which do have significant quality control issues.

6th Apr 2008, 05:38

Obviously this owner does not know the difference between reliability and just minor repairs. Reliability refers if it ever break down on you mechanically, leaving you stranded on the road. Someone breaking the vent with their own hands is, or a faulty window motor does not fall into this category EVER.

28th Jan 2009, 17:51

I agree with the first guy, I had used my friends 350Z Track edition, and have to admit the quality was poor, for a car which is supposed to be the flagship of Nissan in Australia. Interior plastic very poor and scratch too easily, the motor has ample power, but the inside I thought was a disappointment.

26th Aug 2010, 15:00

I bought a 2006 Nissan 350Z GT in October 2009.

It's powerful & overall quite reasonable on fuel, 23 mpg around town, & handles extremely well.

I've fitted after market alloys, 19" mania with 275/35 x 19 rear & 245/35x 19 front and Falken tyres, and it looks well nice now.

It's been very reliable, no problems at all with it, serviced at my mate's local garage, avoiding Nissan's rip off prices obviously.

Build quality is very good, interior leather trim, heated seats, blue-tooth.

I can't find fault with anything on the car, hence I would most definitely recommend it to anyone considering a good and reasonably priced sports car, which doesn't cost a fortune to run and maintain.


2006 Nissan 350Z from North America


Buy it only as a second car


The clutch makes a clicking sound each time it is engaged.

Low oil pressure.

General Comments:

The looks of the car is gorgeous. I get compliments from people all the time on its beauty.

The only problem is that it's difficult to drive. It's hard to shift and it rides very hard.

The exhaust sounds awful within the car, but great outside of the car. And it's difficult to get in and out of the car.

The engine doesn't have a smooth idle either. It's like driving a old American muscle car.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2007

4th Sep 2007, 06:56

Knowing all this, why did you buy the car?

25th Sep 2007, 12:01

The road noise is quite bad. If you purchase the boot mat it makes a lot of difference.

27th Sep 2007, 21:37

Wow... you've pretty much described all sports cars... its supposed to be loud and hard.

Go back to driving camrys to enjoy your floaty ride, low noise exhausts, and auto trannys.