2nd Nov 2007, 21:16

My 350Z is what it is, an unapologetic sports car.

You feel EVERYTHING... up, down, left, right, bumps.

You hear EVERYTHING... the engine, rocks, sand, bumps.

It's a big, shiny, overpowered go cart.

It's a SPORTS CAR and that's all it's supposed to be. I only drive it in the summer and after four years and 7,000 miles I still think it's a kick in the pants. I may ask them to bury me in the bloody thing. While I've grown to hate day-to-day driving, I love driving my '03 Enthusiast.

21st Jan 2008, 12:44

Yes knowing all this about the car you should have paid more attention while test driving the vehicle.

I plan on buying an '06 350Z this spring. I test drove the Roadster in the fall and couldn't have enjoyed it more for the price.

If you lookup reviews this car annilates other cars in its class on the track.

4th Feb 2008, 12:51

I bought a brand new 2006 in August of 2007. This car is the most amazing car I have ever owned. It is a true sports car and I find it extremely comfortable on the highway, I worked for Chevrolet and drove Corvettes and the Z is much more comfortable. This is the best car for the money if you are looking for a head turner. I would recommend replacing the tires that it comes with though. I live in Colorado and they are worthless with any kind of precipitation.

19th Feb 2008, 17:40

The oil consumption problem only occurs on the 06' model and for future buyers Nissan will not cover this under warranty which is a big letdown. And the window motor problem is an easy fix. other than that these cars are really reliable. you definitely got a lemon. But like others said if you didn't like the ride quality you should of test drove it before you bought the vehicle.

3rd Mar 2008, 00:30

Just bought a pre-owned 350z. Awesome car! A true sports car. I feel everything, I hear everything, it kicks me in the back when I'm accelerating, and I love it!

2nd Apr 2008, 19:11

I thought it was important to potential buyers to know everything I experienced, to help them make a better decision on the car.

I did test drive the car before buying it. But it's not until you have to drive it every day that it becomes tiresome. The hard ride and the persist exhaust note becomes wearing.

Most of the people defending the car have never owned one, and are basing their opinions on speculation or assumptions and not fact.

The car is OK, if it's your second car and not your primary source of transportation.

P.S. The oil problem was fixed by the dealer, and the clicking clutch was the clutch master cylinder. If your clutch is clicking or popping, repair the cylinder as soon as possible. It allows the clutch to slip a little while it's in gear, and causes it to fail.

6th Apr 2008, 05:46

I personally myself own the 350z, s2000, 240sx built for track, and a few others including luxury and 4x4's. I disagree with the poster about the exhaust notes in the cabin and the ride comfort for a daily driver. For it's class of sports cars, it's quite nice. Comfort marks I will give to Honda s2000 for it's more form fitting tight seats, but for cabin; the 350z is very well pieced. My 350z is my daily driver. Never compare a sports car to a luxury car... which this poster is doing. Compare it to other cars of it's class, and these 350z stand above many.

12th Apr 2008, 21:06

You have five vehicles to choose from and drive. You can't tell me that the 350z is the only one you drive.

And only little people can fit inside a S2000 and be comfortable.

I've owned a Ford Mustang, a Dodge Stealth, a Dodge Conquest, an Acura RSX, a Nissan 300zx and now a Nissan 350z. So I know a little about sport cars. And I can tell you the best all around sport car is the Toyota Supra. My brother owned one and it was great. It will be my next car.

28th Sep 2010, 16:42

Purchased new 350Z at end of '06. Still ADORE it! Runs great -- accelerates like a spanked dog! No oil problems & outstandingly low maintenance costs.

I am an old Z nut -- had 280Z, 300ZX (pretty but a nightmare on mx costs -- I think I was unlucky with a lemon), and a 1969 Datsun 2000 convertible for 24 years.

My '06 350Z is best car I've owned (and I've had Fords, Volvos, "Government Motors" products -- Olds, Chevys (very disappointed in Chevy quality and support))... I digress.

This silver '06 350Z still gets me lots of compliments!

Agree with getting rid of Bridgestone Potenzas that came with car -- ice/snow/heavy rain -- spins the car like tea-cup-ride at Disneyland.

One gripe -- interior door pull-handles have a weird coating that scratches easily -- black and scratch white.

Hard/tight suspension?? -- It's a true rear-wheeled sports car! Not a Bentley!

Exhaust tone is not loud in car, but has cool distinctive note -- I hear it, and know a 350Z or Infiniti G35 Coupe just went by.

21-year Air Force Veteran -- came back from Afghanistan, hugged son, chased wife around house, then took the 350Z to warp-factor-five on back roads and didn't get caught!

I can't wait to buy a 370Z or GT-R when my kid is out of college!

5th Mar 2011, 20:49

Once again, I feel the need to make the buying public aware of the truth. A clutch in the 350z is $2300.00 because you must replace the flywheel as well. The tires are $1200.00 u.s. with mounting and balancing. You can't rotate the tires, because they are smaller on the front. They last about 15k miles before they start make loud road noise, and then they need to be replaced. Synthetic oil change with filter is $80.00. New brakes are $600.00 plus. The paint comes off the door handle plate and door release lever plates. The armrest squeaks. The exhaust noise inside the car is awful. The car is good for the weekends only.