1998 Nissan Almera GX 1.4 petrol from Portugal


The best 1.4 from this generation


Absolutely nothing, I just need to change the basic things (like tyres).

General Comments:

Very reliable, with low consumption costs.

The car have a really good engine, handles perfectly, and it's fast for a 1.4, I have beaten 2 Honda Civics (also 1.4) with it :)

The interior seems comfortable to me, and it has everything I need..

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Review Date: 4th November, 2009

1998 Nissan Almera GX 1.4 from Slovakia


Good choice, if you want something reliable and down-the-line


There haven't been any major problems.

Battery was replaced shortly after buying, because it was too old, and once the car failed to start after I forgot to turn off the lights. But the battery was 7 years old.

I needed to adjust the geometry of the front axle because of the tire wear (also needed new front tires) because of earlier crash damage, which doesn't seem to be repaired correctly. I still feel some vibration in the steering, but I use the car too rarely to fix it.

I also had some crashes in the rear, so the whole rear part has new paint. The lock of the boot will have to be replaced soon.

Inside the car looks good, but the steering wheel is worn quite badly.

The rest was just standard service with replacing oil, filters, brakes, bulbs, washer blades etc...

General Comments:

Considering the base engine, the car dynamic performance is quite good, but not fully loaded. Fuel consumption with about 7 l/100 km is good too.

Handling and comfort are OK, and the car is easy to control. In the city it's sometimes difficult to handle, especially when parking due to the 4-door sedan body.

The interior looks aged and cheap, seating position is not very comfortable because the steering wheel is placed too low even in the highest position set. I have nearly no comfort options, but no complaints. I miss the AC sometimes though. For 4 persons there is enough space even for longer journeys.

Luggage space is very good, but you have to be aware of the boot cover arms when loading.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2008

1998 Nissan Almera Si 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Extremely Reliable and comfortable, get one


Passenger seat had to be replaced due to a stupid smoker.

Standard wear and tear, tyre's and brakes.

General Comments:

Its extremely reliable, nothing has gone wrong, no rattles or noises in the cabin at all.

Its not that fast only 110mph tops.

Its been lowered 35mm, 17" alloys, s/s de-cat exhaust (there is another cat in the manifold, and it has passed mot) k&n air filter, sounds well, and doesn't look too bad.

The black paint when washed looks real well, like as if you are looking into a void.

Seats are pretty decent, sporty enough but nothing to write home about. You can drive about in the car all day and get no aches or pains.

All the electrics still work real well, nothing has had to be replaced.

Castrol Formula RS oil, Bosh spark plugs, and BP Ultimate Unleaded make the car very smooth and a good bit sharper. (it is noticeable)

Keep it serviced and it will never cause you any problems.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2005

1998 Nissan Almera LX 1.4i from Serbia


Very nice compact, but high maintenance costs


Gearbox was damaged when I bought the car. I fixed it by myself. Cost 50e.Wear seat belt (I haven't repaired it, but it don`t look so nice).Head gasket leaks. Repaired (cost 100e).

General Comments:

Car runs very well, but fuel consumption is a little bit high (about 7.5l/100km).It is very good in town, but on a highways it needs a little bit power. It can`t achieve speed above 155km/h.And on that speed, I can`t feel safe in a car.It`s a little bit insecure even in lower speeds.However, engine is in good condition, and on service I checked engine compression. There are a lot of space in the cabin, especially in the back seats. And it has a large trunk. I can put two bags in the back without problems.It`s quite comfortable for long journeys. I imported this car form Belgium without damages on body, but car have a very bad service past. I think I`m gonna sell this car, and buy, probably new Renault Clio 1.2i.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004