1998 Nissan Almera GTi 2.0 Injection from UK and Ireland


This car is best described as a wolf in sheep's clothing


There is a slight click from the clutch pedal upon release. This is a well documented fault of the Almera and requires a new pedal box.

Windscreen washer arms have become corroded.

General Comments:

The combination of a strut brace in the front and a anti-roll bar in the back makes this car feel as stiff as a steel. This combined with Nissan setting the car up at the Nurberg Ring in Germany makes for a splendid handling car.

But don't even think about eating your lunch whilst sitting in the front as it will soon be on your lap!

My car has a real hunger for tyres - and they are expensive too. Bridgestone Potenza'z are the optimum tyre choice, but a tad dear at £100 each!

Performance is strong, hold it in each gear and you got yourself a real flyer, but there is still room for improvement! I still wonder why Nissan never made a a Almera GTIR - with a turbo charger bolted onto the engine! I suppose I can only dream!

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Review Date: 25th April, 2003

26th Apr 2003, 06:04

They did, only an import though - Nissan Pulsar GTiR. Uses an uprated engine of the S14 200sx (SR20DET) that has around 280bhp and a 0-60 of 5 seconds or so. :)

6th Jun 2004, 15:47

That's true, but not in an Almera the N14 was a Pulsar.

11th Jul 2009, 03:59

In the Almera n15 in japan it was still called a Pulsar. You are looking for a Pulsar VZ-R, which has 200 bhp. Kicks ass. 0-60 in 6.7 seconds based a bit on their rally car by autech. Look for the VZR-n1. They also did a 175 bhp standard VZR.- sports seats, everything of GTI but more. Limited slip differential and real go cart handling. And the VZR was also did in a 5 door for family owners. A proper sports car.

1998 Nissan Almera 2.0.GTi 2.0 Ltr from UK and Ireland


A really enjoyable performance bargain


Rear screen wiper motor had to be replaced.

Front disc brakes replaced at 70000 miles.

General Comments:

After years of owning rather more normal Nissan cars, the oportunity arose for me to treat myself to an Almera GTi.

Finding a decent used car proved rather more difficult than I thought. But I eventually tracked down a very clean example. The mileage was rather higher than I wanted, but the condition of the car was such that it didn't matter.

I travel a lot in my job as a Road Safety Officer and really enjoy the car. Speed can be safe if used wisely and treated with respect. The Almera covers the ground very easily and always draws admiring looks wherever I go. Especially when it's black paint work is polished.

I have fitted a Sebring exhaust and plan one or two more modifications. I am interested in fitting an induction kit and a Samco hose kit' to smarten up the dull engine bay. The car will stay with me for sometime as I love it's blend of performance and economy.

Driving something that little bit more unusual also has it's appeal. Now an owners club for Almera GTi's is my next target. I started one for Mini's some years ago, so keep surfing the net and lets get together.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2002

1998 Nissan Almera GTi 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


High powered thrills for pocket money


Front tyre wear can be severe even when driven gently. OK you may think, but it is a rare tyre size so you will pay heavily for replacements. I get 8000 miles from a set.

General Comments:

I first bought the car because it was different. You don't see many on the roads.

The performance is surprisingly strong, boosted by the fact that the car is so unknown and as such under-rated.

I have added a stainless steel exhaust, induction air filter and chip. The performance increase is more than noticeable.

0-60 time is deserving of respect and the car keeps going and going all the way to 140.

Typically Japanese, the interior is comfortable if not bland. But seats are supportive, and leg and headroom are good.

Handling is crisp and responsive with good feedback to the driver.

Criticism, well for £6000 I can't find fault.

If you look for one, make sure you go for the one with the sports pack (body-kit).

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2002