1999 Nissan Almera SLX 2.0 diesel from Croatia


This was previous owned by my company and all repairs (if any) were done under regular inspections and warranty.

I don't remember that there was any major breakdown.

General Comments:

When I acquired the car, I drove it to more than 270000km.

I only want to point to one thing, not only about this Nissan, but all cars (I only drove Japanese cars – Nissan and Mazda) up to the year ~2000 were generally better than today modern cars.

I believe that everyone agrees that chassis were not as good as today, but this particular model has an additionally protected body (done with my company), so with proper care and no accidents there was no rust at all, even with 270000km.

In general this was excellent car for what it gives. The trim level is SLX, so it has power steering, manual climate, all electric windows, and much more.

Engine: yes, it is slow, but if I wanted a fast car, I would look for something like a GTR (to expensive for me) or a Celica or something like this... this was always the second or third car in the family.

The last few years of ownership I drove this car on vegetable oil (used) and absolutely nothing went wrong. This was very cheap and sometimes free.

Performance, fuel consumption, were the same as if you drove it on diesel fuel.

And the most important thing is that every year car has passed its registration inspection and no one knew what this car was running on; there was never bad exhaust from the engine.

We could avoid the 'diesel gate' affair - there is no bad CO or NOX or something like that... bla bla...

Oil and oil filter were regularly changed every year.

Please do not delete this review because I wrote this. I know car manufacturers needs to make more money, and if they make cars that would go without a breakdown or with minimal maintenance for more than 20 years, we would not have good looking cars every year and car of the year contests, and probably many people would stay without a job.

I like this car; electric cars are still very expensive and I needed a cheap car for everyday use.

At the end... this is a great car, and together with my Mazda 626 hatchback 2.0 90PS from 1990, these are the best cars I have ever driven.

p.s. don't think this is a biased review - I have driven hundreds of cars in my company, and for private use I cannot find today a new car that I would like...

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Review Date: 16th February, 2018

1999 Nissan Almera Pulsar 1.4 from Netherlands


Left front suspension due to bad driving by the previous owner.

Both back brakes had to be replaced (wear and tear).

One light bulb on the licence plate.

At the start of the ownership, the car would steer to the left automatically due to front suspension, which the dealer should have fixed!

No drama after repairs have been done.

Total spending.

75 Euro for left front suspension replacement.

7 Euro for light bulb.

280 Euro for both back brakes.

General Comments:

I expected a reliable car, which I got (I don't blame the car's front suspension because the previous owner didn't drive the car well).

Economical to drive too.

What I did not expect was a comfortable car.

When you say Nissan, you think reliable, economical, maybe practical, which it ALL is, but it's very very comfortable.

Except for the low profile (which makes the car looks good), which makes my 1.83m entering the car a bit clumsy.

Good seats.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2010

1999 Nissan Almera GTi 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A perfect step up from the dodgy Punto


Only thing so far, is for some reason the gearstick gaiter surround broke off??? No idea why, but easily fixed with a nicer one.

General Comments:

Just stepped up from a 1.2 Punto, which rattled and rolled all over the damn place to this, a fast responsive car that is reliable and starts every time.

The handling is superb, although it does catch you out. 30mph seems like you're walking through wherever you're going, and a gentle tap on the go pedal will see you at 40 in a click of a finger.

When you get on the motorway though, and truly open her up, you soon disappear down the road, and the car doesn't struggle hitting 80 in third. It goes more, but that's down to the driver.

The interior is OK. Would be nice if it had a leather as standard, but we can't have it all. The dials are perfect. Showing up white in the day, and by the night, black with white numbers.

I haven't had this car long, but it's lost no oil, has made me endlessly happy, and has caused the girlfriend to go green on several times.

Anyway, if you want something you'll rarely see out on the road, this is it. Make a Golf GTI driver jealous, and get a car that isn't everywhere and shoved down your throat.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2007