1999 Nissan Almera GTi 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A real performance Q car


The paint on the car seems a bit dull.

There is a slight rattling noise on start up, when the car has been stood a while.

General Comments:

The car is very docile at low revs and the engine only comes alive above 4000 revs.

The car is very easy to drive at speed and handles very well, it is due to the balance of the chassis and steering feel.

It is built very well and feels solid.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2002

26th Apr 2003, 12:15

The rattly noise is normal, its just the timing chain moving before the oils had chance to lubricate it.

1999 Nissan Almera GTi 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


Simply the best value performance car on the market


The interior lights fused after some fiddling.

General Comments:

This car is absolutely unreal, it is spacious, comfortable and has phenomenal performance. Had no trouble blowing away an Audi TT, and any Golf GTI is no threat.

With a few modifications such as an exhaust, induction kit and super chip, this car can get you to 60 MPH in about 6 seconds.

The breaking is unreal, slam on the brakes at 90 mph and you stop in a very short distance indeed, whilst all the time having complete control of direction.

One or two grumbles I do have, are the speed at which the tyres wear out and the amount of attention one gets, from oldies and the younger folk, always asking what sort of car it is...

The best colour to get is the mica blue, although it is quite rare..

One thing to remember is to avoid the cheap ones as they are usually hammered...

The car can also be turbo charged as it shares its engine with the famous Pulsar (Sunny) GTI R.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2002

25th Aug 2004, 12:18

Hmm doesn't it share it's engine with the Nissan Primera GT? and not the turbo'd Sunny Gti-r.

12th Jul 2005, 05:01

It actually has the same engine block as the sunny gtir so he was correct. A turbocharger could be added with not much trouble.

14th Jun 2006, 16:00

So would it be fairly easy to add a turbo then and is it the same engine, but without a turbo.

25th Jun 2007, 08:12

Unfortunately it's not that straight forward. It shares the same block, but does not have the same internals.

1999 Nissan Almera GTi 2.0i from UK and Ireland


Good value, serious hot hatch


The car seems very reliable so far, and well put together.

No rattles or squeaks.

Buckled front wheel causing the steering wheel to vibrate. Fixed by swapping with spare.

Oil filter hard to change because of the stupid position.

General Comments:

The car looks nothing special, but appears quite sporty.

Very fast and near perfect handling.

Nice smooth ride.

Engine very quiet, even at high revs.

Dull, but practical interior.

Comfy seats.

Overall a great car if your not bothered with `image`.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2002

1999 Nissan Almera GTi 2.0i twin cam 16v from Iceland


Very fast, good economy


I had to replace a joint somewhere in the front-left suspension - the car made a small clicking noise when driving over bumps.

General Comments:

Some say that Almeras look dull, but mine certainly doesn't. It has a full bodykit made by Impetus, tinted windows, 2" lowered suspension and slightly tinted rear lights. It also has a racing air-filter which makes it sound very good, especially under hard acceleration.

The car is very comfortable, firm seats with good support. Very nice to have a sunroof and air-con.

The thing that surprised me the most about this car, is how economical it is. I usually get around 420 kilometres on 40 liters of petrol, and I don't drive slowly all the time! It's even more economical than my old car, which was a 1.6 SLX Sunny (Carburettor).

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Review Date: 19th October, 2000

1999 Nissan Almera GX 1.6 from Israel


Well done



General Comments:

Excellent car, roomy and comfort, good airconditioning. Car has a "hard working life" in unpleasant climatic conditions here in the Middle East, but everything is in place and nothing went wrong. It means that it is very reliable.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2000

1999 Nissan Almera GX 1.4 petrol from Poland


A good choice


Front brake discs. Braking with load on the roof carrier (2 bicycles) causes thermal deformations of the brake discs (even brand new ones).

General Comments:

Low running cost, reliable car.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2000