2002 Nissan Almera SE 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Go for the 1.8 SE a fully loaded all round gem



General Comments:

This car is my first Almera, and my 5th Nissan.

The 1.8 has a lot of punch, and I look forward too taking it on a cross country dash very soon.

Motorway runs are a dream, but I find headlights have a poor range on very dark open roads.

And the brakes would stop a train.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2002

30th Nov 2004, 04:05

I bought my 52-plate 1.5l 3-door Almera secondhand and have only one bad thing to say about it. The headlights.

On full beam they are fantastic, but the normal dipped headlights were appalling. Downright dangerous, in fact. I was flashed on several occasions at night by people thinking I was only driving with my side lights on. It really was that bad.

I spoke to one Nissan dealer during a service who "saw nothing wrong with them", and finally found a dealer who admitted there had been complaints before by owners about the headlights, but mine were particularly bad. Coupled with a build-up of deposits on the inner surface of the glass, it almost seemed like the dipped beam bulbs were in the wrong place relative to the reflectors. Instead of a circular beam of light, I got two small semicircles emitted from mine. They have now been replaced under warranty and are fine. Not, admittedly, as bright as 90% of other road users, but substantially better than they were.

Other than that, the car is wonderful. It's my second Almera and I doubt it'll be my last. The reliability, comfort and specification is extremely good for the price.

15th Apr 2006, 17:01

I have a 2003 Almera and was stopped by the police for poor headlights. The dealer replaced them under warranty. It seems like this might be a common fault???

8th May 2006, 09:53

I have a 52 Almera... and although the Main dealer wasn't that helpful... they did give me the Nissan Customer care number.. as soon as I mentioned Almera and headlights I was told it was a known fault.. and gave me a case number... when I called back my local Main Dealer they were quite happy to admit there was a problem and be of help once they had the case number...

The problem is that the heat from the bulb melts and distorts the the light unit... and in my case distorted so much that the bulb holders actually broke off the light unit...

By rights there should be a proper recall!!!

2002 Nissan Almera S 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Well built, reliable motoring


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

The car seems well built and the engine is smooth and quiet.

There are lots of nice touches inside, such as radio controls on the steering wheel and a sunglasses holder in the roof.

Easily does 40 mpg, and comfortably seats five people.

U.K buyers should look out for cheaper imported cars. Lots of money to be saved and the cars have the sports interior.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2002

18th Sep 2002, 09:23

I agree a good and well built car. The only minor niggles that I have is that the 6 year anti-corrosion warranty is a bit stingy this should be 10 or 12 years.

The gap between the clutch pedal and the brake pedal is to large. The brake and throttle pedal gap is OK however. Another issue was that there was a bit of free play in the throttle pedal. Despite this it is still good.