2002 Nissan Altima Sedan 2.5 from North America


A) Transmission (60.000 miles)

B) Catalytic converter (81.000 miles)

General Comments:

Eight years of problems with my Nissan Altima.

I had to replace my transmission only after 60.000 miles.

At 81.000 miles I had trouble with my catalytic converter.

This is not a good car at all. People should not buy Nissan at all. The company doesn't help consumers. I wasted my money.

Also, the parts are so expensive. I feel sorry for myself. Please be careful buyers. Avoid the Nissan Altima.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2008

2002 Nissan Altima S 4-cylinder from North America


This car has too many problems to consider it as a good car


Service engine light continues to come on.


Loud engine noises.

Trying to stall out.

Strong gasoline smell when heater is on.

Head gasket blew at 94,000 miles.

Tachometer only works half of the time.

General Comments:

This car is fairly comfortable and really nice looking. However, I have been extremly unhappy with the amount of repairs that I have had to make.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2008

15th Jul 2008, 17:10

Nissan has not been one of the more reliable cars over the past decade. Normally the Altima is one of Nissan's better vehicles, but apparently yours is a bad apple.

My concern is that it appears that you have a fuel leak somewhere under your hood that is causing the strong fuel odor. PLEASE, HAVE THIS CHECKED. It could result in a dangerous fire. One of my friends had this happen to a Sentra, and had to stand beside the road and watch their car go up in flames. Luckily they were stopped at an intersection when flames erupted from under the hood. If they had been traveling at speed on a freeway the results could have been very tragic. So please, don't subject yourself to the danger of a sudden fire. Have this problem checked out NOW.

2002 Nissan Altima S 2.5 from North America


Great car


I'm very sorry to hear all the bad comments about this car. It is my third Nissan and I haven't had any problems with them.

With this Altima I had the repeated blowing of one headlamp; which was a recall and dealer was very helpful to replace it.

My wife also drives an Altima and it has been as reliable as mine, so no complaints on that one either.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, quick acceleration.

The sitting position is not very European; it is rather on the lazy side, but it's no big issue.

The car has now 115k miles, and runs as well as when I got it years ago.

I guess I got one of the good ones.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2008

2002 Nissan Altima SL 2.5 from North America


I got ripped off bigtime!


I bought my son a car in Dec 2005 with 57,000 miles on it.

In Nov. 2006 the catalytic converter went out.

6 months later the engine blew a rod.

I have always changed the oil. Nissan questioned it, tried to get out of helping. I had all the maintenance records.

Now last month, May 2008, the catalytic converter went out again. Had it fixed at my mechanic here.

The car started burning oil. Nissan isn't sure. Said they would replace valve stem seals for 1600 dollars. Not sure if that is the problem. Said it might be piston and rings & need a new engine!!! I bought this car for 18,000 dollars. Not happy. So now we have to keep adding oil until we get it fixed. It is very unfair to me. Will never recommend where I bought car at Nissan!!! The engine blow rod at 78,000 miles and bought car at 57,000!!! A lemon for sure!

General Comments:

Is there anything that can be done? Checking it out!

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Review Date: 24th June, 2008

2002 Nissan Altima SE 3.5L from North America


Fast, good looking, but happy not to own it any more


Both front struts leaked, one at 60 000 km and one at 90 000 km. This should never have happened. Nissan offered to pay for one only after I complained to the President after the second one leaked.

The front wheel bearing needed replacement at 100 000 km. If it was a North American car, I would have expected this, but not on a Japanese car.

Of course the Mass Air Flow Sensor also had to be replaced, and the rear sub-frame. Both essentially done as recalls.

Other than the above points however, the car was a good car for the 90 000 km or so that I drove it.

General Comments:

The car really rips. It's a ton of fun to drive with the standard transmission. Leather heated seats, sun roof etc... The car was really nicely equipped, very luxurious and sporty at the same time. A nice combination.

I found the car to be a little noisy with the odd clunk and rattle here and there. These things never inspired a lot of confidence in the overall fit and finish, although I admit it was just a hunch and not something that ever came to prove itself as a concern.

I probably wouldn't buy another one. I'm just not convinced it's as good as an Accord or Camry.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2008