2006 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE V6 from North America


So far Excellent


Nothing at all yet, it's still a baby.

One thing I do notice with the V6 when I first start it up it idles really fast, around 1400 to 1600 RPMs, even during warm weather. Anyone else notice this?

General Comments:

I can't really comment on reliability with such low miles, but so far I love it. The engine is a whispering powerhouse, but is tame enough that it doesn't drink gas like a pig. I get about 21MPG city/ 28 highway moderately exceeding the speed limit.

Exterior styling really won me over with this car It is one of the few new cars that in my opinion doesn't look like a mutated blob. I don't like the way the new 2007's look, and first year models can be troublesome and unrefined no matter what make you buy, so I rushed to get one of the last new 2006's. Usually the last year of a model has most or all of the kinks and bugs worked put of it, so you're not dealing with recall or warranty issues as much.

The car is by far the best handling and cornering thing in its class I've ever driven. I've driven cars 10 to 20 thousand dollars more expensive that don't even come close. Only the bumpiest and roughest of roads seem to upset the passengers. The SL supposedly rides smoother, but I didn't notice too much difference.

My one complaint is the huge turning radius. I swear an old lincoln town car can turn tighter in cramped spaces. I don't think this would have been to hard for Nissan to fix. Not a big deal, just annoying in places like parking garages and takes some getting used to.

The interior is roomy enough for 5 full grown adults, lots of leg room even in the back. Seats are well designed and comfortable. I do think the interior is a bit bland, but hey its the middle of the road Altima. The new Gauge cluster is nice looking.

I was turned off by the cheap looking leather in the Altima SL. The Maxima has a much nicer interior, but I can't get over the body styling.

The Bose Stereo is overrated in my opinion, it doesn't have many modern features like ipod hookup. The 6 disk in dash changer is nice. The RDS feature is slow and practically useless, you have to be practically be next to a radio tower for it to read correctly or else it gets distorted and garbled.

I'm a picky guy, but so far I am very satisfied.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2007

31st Mar 2007, 13:02

I just bout a 2006 Altima SE v6 yesterday with only 40 miles it and I'm stoked! Thank you so much for your great review! It makes me think I made a smart choice to take this car over a v6 Camry!

Thanks again!


27th Apr 2007, 08:02

Original poster here. I think you made a great choice over a V6 Camry. I drove a 2006 Camry and was not impressed. The performance was slower, the handling wasn't as tight and it is rated to use just as much fuel as the Altima. Large Toyota Sedans (Camry, Avalon) are starting to remind me of Buicks lately, you see a lot of elderly people driving them and the styling is similar (Buicks and Camry/Avalon look like bloated bars of soap in my opinion). I think the Styling on the Altima is a bit menacing, yet very sexy. It's one of the few 4-door sedans that seems to say "hey, look at me! Wanna race?" I wish I could have found one with a five speed, because I love shifting. The styling on the 2007's has finally grown on me, but now I'm stuck with what I bought.

2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 SE 2.5 from North America


Nice looks, Crappy Manufacture


Less than 500 miles and problem one started needs NEW transmission.

Noticed vibration as soon as I got it off the lot took back to get the it looked at. received that we have problems phone call and I wouldn't get it back for a week. they said it was the valve body of the transmission. well we will find out what kinda car this is cause its my first Nissan and so far I'm NOT IMPRESSED!!!

General Comments:

Car is very plush love the body lines and interior!!!

My very first brand new car had 2 miles when bought a week ago I hope to god this is just a manufacture DEFECT and not a sign of trouble to come.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2006

28th Nov 2007, 20:12

I bought my Altima 2.5S in August 2006. So far I've had two transmissions replaced, both before even hitting 2000 miles. You will replace it again they told me. The same stupid story about the valve body, and within a week of having it back, it failed again.

Now have 10000+ miles and the transmission is acting up again. Wish I wasn't so upside down in it or I'd get RID OF IT. Thank god for extended warranty's.

17th Jan 2008, 18:48

Only have 58,000 plus miles on my car. The Electronic Computer Module(the computer engine) went out. They've replace it twice in two weeks and still having problems. This car is certainly not as good as my 1996 Altima.