2011 Nissan Altima S Special Edition 2.5L 4 cylinder from North America


Solid and fun to drive car!


At approximately 34,000 miles, there was a loud rattling coming from underneath the vehicle that gradually went away as the car warmed up. Diagnosis was the heat shield banging against the exhaust; a defective weld was the reason. Exhaust components were replaced under warranty free of charge. Out of pocket cost would have been around $850, if out of warranty.

General Comments:

This car is super fun to drive and reasonably comfortable.

My MPG average in the summer is about 26.5, and 25 in the winter. I drive about 60/40 (highway/city).

The acceleration is fantastic for a 4 cylinder, and it has ample room in the back to accommodate my child's car seat. The trunk space is also ample as well. The dark microfiber seats hide any stains well, and are very easy to clean.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2015

2011 Nissan Altima S 2.5 4 cylinder from North America


I regret buying it


At 600 miles - Car battery failed.

At 3,000 miles - 2nd car battery failed.

At 8,000 miles - Cable binding in driver's door handle.

At 10,000 miles - BCM had an issue and the car needed a reprogramming. Keys and interior locks did not work. Car was stuck on ON.

At 12,000 miles - Dash began to rattle and door rattles begin. Brake pedal is now squeaking.

At 15,000 miles - Car speakers begin to have static in AUX mode.

At 15,000 miles - Master cylinder replaced.

At 18,500 miles - Car battery failed load test. Replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

The driver's seat feels like a flat bench. It has no lumbar support and it makes my lower back hurt.

The car comes with darker than usual factory tint. 70% from the factory. Adding tint makes the windows darker than they should be.

Oil filter is in an awkward position.

Changing headlights requires the removal of the wheel well. Access is not from the hood.

Stock tires are terrible. Wearing out quickly, even with proper air pressure and alignments every 3 months.

Cabin air filter is difficult to get to.

Intake filter is easy access with snap hatches.

The car has a weird build up of coolant on top of the reservoir.

Interior build quality is lacking. Fit and finish is not good.

The CVT makes the engine resonate a lot, and the constant holding of RPMs makes the car sound like it's dying.

The 2.5 engine is terrible in terms of fuel economy compared to other 2.5s.

The CVT makes the car feel slower than it is.

The car has a nice steering response in emergency situations.

The car has very strong brakes.

The ride handling is rough, and going over speed bumps really hurts.

Standard push button start is a great feature.

Standard keyless entry is also another great feature.

The car should come with auto headlights and steering wheel from the factory, and not as an option.

Oil changes are short intervals -- only 3750 miles for severe. No one falls under normal conditions.

Front end of the car is higher than the rest.

The car looks like it's slumped back.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2013

12th Aug 2013, 18:18

That looks pretty much like normal wear and tear. The driver's seat has quite a few adjustments that can make it more comfy, including one for lumbar. Maybe play around with that a bit. The oil should be able to make it close to 10K between changes with newer cars.