2012 Nissan Altima S 2.5 from North America


Reliable and dependable

General Comments:

This vehicle has caused me zero problems.

Some people complain about the CVT transmission on these vehicles, but to me it's not a problem because I'm not an aggressive driver. The transmission operates properly.

Horsepower on this vehicle is good and I've never felt it to be sluggish.

The suspension rides smooth and I'll miss it whenever I overhaul it, because I know it won't feel the same.

Interior has maintained its integrity, all plastics, fabrics and carpeting. Regular maintenance will hopefully make this vehicle last me 100K more. Paint at 100K miles is still in very good shape.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2018

1st Apr 2018, 03:57

Nice, succinct review.

The CVT didn't become a major problem until 2013.

Advanced powertrains are not easy to (successfully) conceive, engineer, and deploy.

Would love to hear from someone who has an "inside track" on what the story is on these ;)

3rd Apr 2018, 17:55

Car companies who put CVTs in their cars have failed to educate their customers on how CVTs work and more importantly, their efficiency. Some people do have a hard time moving forward with new technologies. I commute with this vehicle Mon-Fri over a mountain that has 5-8% grades without the need to downshift; the CVT does its job properly.