27th Aug 2003, 13:42

I own a 1994 Altima. In January of this year, I had to replace the alternator. I also had to replace the alternator in March, June and again in August. The dealer claims the alternators are the problems, while the shop that has put 4 new alternators in this year (currently under warranty) feels the problem lies elsewhere. The dealer in SD does not wish to search further than alternator replacement, to try to determine what might cause this constant failure. The warning lights came on less than a week after the current replacement, and the dealer's tech said there was too much current coming from this alternator. They only want to replace it, not determine why 5 of these parts have failed in 8 months.

29th Nov 2003, 00:24

I bought a used 1994 Nissan Altima in 1999 and have been very unhappy with the results. It would seem that major work needs to be done at least three or four times a year.

An ongoing problem for over a year now has been that the speedometer only kicks on after the car heats up, which in the winter time is often doesn't happen before I reach my destination. When this happens the heads-up display also doesn't work, neither does the odometer, and the check-engine light turns on. Two different mechanics and $400 later and nothing is different.

Other problems recently: had to replace the front brakes for the second time since buying the car, worn out shocks, replaced several fuel injectors, oil leaks, holes in the exhaust and muffler systems (twice). I take good care of the car - it is garaged and gets regular oil changes and tune-ups. I think it is a lemon!

29th Nov 2003, 15:40

Or, instead of looking for a flat road, some night or early Sunday or sometime when there is nobody around, on a 4 lane highway of some sort try driving in the middle of the 2 lanes and see if it pulls. Since the road is arched, it sometimes causes a car to pull to the right or the left. This can happen on ANY car.

18th Dec 2004, 00:47

Get new tires. my mazda protege would shake at 60 mph, but getting two new tiers in the front solved it and now I can go 90 (about as fast as the car will go) with out shaking.