3rd Oct 2004, 18:59

I have had the same problems with my rear windows. Mine was not the motor itself though. I noticed that after a rain my window would roll down without pressing the button. I could bring them up, but they would automatically roll back down. Upon further investigation I notics that the controller appeared to be shorting out from the water. I bought another controller and it quickly shorted as well. Just rolled the windows up, turned the car off, removed the controller and the windows stayed up was my solution.

4th Jan 2005, 23:34

My'93 Altima is having power window problems. It has started with my rear passenger window first and now rear driver side window. It will just roll down on it's own after the key is turned on. While it is down, it sounds like the window motor is skipping gears. Then when you roll it up it goes up fine, but as soon as it is up it rolls itself back down and makes the gear skipping noise until you roll it up or turn off the key.

It appears to me to be a short in the wiring or switches.

I have also noticed that a rubber seal is ripping and not doing it job of guiding the window and or protecting it from the rain.

Can anyone give any good advise that you have experienced and or know of?

Thanks Rick (:>)

1st May 2005, 18:21

Hey rick:

I am having the same problem with my 93 altima. For the past year, the passenger windows just go up or down on their own. I closed them and then depressed the window security lock, and they stay up. Only problem, is that I cannot use them, as the lock is on. Any idea on the problem and have your's been repaired??? Anyone else have a solution??? Thanks, Craig.

12th Aug 2005, 21:24

My 93' Altima had the same power window problems, as well. The back window on the drivers side would always roll itself down. I had to wait for the motor in the window to stop so I could roll it back up, because it would try to still go down as I would be trying to roll it up. Kinda irritating! Very disappointing was the service I received from my local Nissan dealership. I took my car up there to have a diagnostic ran because it had overheated and wouldn't start. They told me it was the distributor, and they were going to charge over $600 for just that. So I had taken it to another shop that agreed to replace it for a mere $265. Come to find out that replacing the distributor still wouldn't make my car start, and that they had discovered nothing wrong with the disributor at all. Instead it had 'severe internal engine problems'. When I went back to Nissan to get my money back for the wrong diagnostic, they treated me like an idiot. One man said that he wouldn't see any reason for a blown head gasket to keep my car from running! Furthermore, they refused to give me a refund, even with the other shops diagnostic report. Needless to say I do not intend on ever owning another Nissan!

30th May 2006, 10:55

I to have a '93 Nissan Altima and I had the same problems with the Power windows and I found the solution. So I began to investigate. If you remove the door panel and reach inside the door you'll find a small 2"x1"x1" black box and it is called a power window relay, they are hard to find and if you want a new one they must be shipped from japan for around $100 or go to a wrecking yard and find. Beware I think it is '95 and newer that did not require these. Before removal you must undo the wiring harness from the relay.