1993 Nissan Altima GXE from North America


Not a bad car


The entire steering column had to be replaced while still under warranty.

I've had brakes replaced numerous times.

The rear passenger power window is broken; it needs a new motor which will cost $700 approximately I am told.

A few months later, the passenger side front window stopped working. The dealer says it needs repair, approximately $300.

The cigarette lighter broke around 55000 miles.

The rubber lining around the windows has come unglued several times.

The "service engine" light has come on several times over the years. The service department tried a few times to fix it, but it was only temporary. Eventually, fixing the problem cost around $700 plus towing when my car just stopped on the freeway. (This was a day after the dealer had worked on it.) Prior to that, I had paid another $200 for them to fix it which didn't work.

The key insert in the trunk suddenly isn't working (since 75000 miles), or will only open after much jiggling. Nissan Service lubricated it, but believes I need to have it repaired, at around $200.

General Comments:

Despite all the repairs, the car is in pretty good shape and still handles well on the highway.

This is my second Altima. I had less problems with the first. This is also my last Altima, I think I will try something else. Nissan Service has been so-so, depending on which technician I am assigned. I was treated pretty badly on my last visit and was upset enough to request the manager's name - something I never do.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2002

10th May 2002, 16:06

I have the same problem with the locks on my Altima I have to struggle to open my drivers door with my key. I also am not happy with Nissan service. My head light shorted out, and the car made a loud buzzing sound when the lights were off. I is so irritating. I took it to Nissan paid over a $100 and the same thing happened the next day. Parts are also expensive, but the car hasn't had many problems so I'm happy. Over all it is still a great car for the money.

1993 Nissan Altima GXE 2.4 Liter from North America


Great car for the price


The tires don't ever seem to align right.

Had the "clunk" in the back but they finally fixed that after 3 or 4 attempts.

My front-crossover bar is rusting out big-time and will need $300 of welding work.

Love the passive-aggressive seat belts.

General Comments:

A great car overall. Fun to drive, reliable, inexpensive, and still looks good.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2001

1993 Nissan Altima SE 2.4L DOHC NA from North America


This was the reason why I bought a Celica


The electrical system shorted out and cut out the tail lights. That took two months to fix. Gas mileage is horrible; I've been getting an average of 14 miles a gallon (for you non-US measurers, that sucks) across all types of gasoline. Lately there's been a bunch of accelerator lag too.

General Comments:

It was cool in the beginning, but it just started to suck all of a sudden. I'd avoid this car like the plague.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2000

27th Jan 2003, 04:13

You might want to buy the manual for it. I had the same problem with the lag in acceleration. New spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, and a bottle of fuel injector cleaner gave me back all the power and mileage (about 22 highway and 18 city). I have over 200k on my car now and have had it since 20k. Only major repairs have been suspension (old set worn) and water pump.

If you want to boost car performance change: air intake to performance cylindrical type filter, have your CPU sent to a performance shop. For about $250 dollars the will return it w/30 more hp and 20% better mileage.

1993 Nissan Altima GLE 2.4 L 4 cyl. from North America


1 -- Short circuit with radio or amplifier which causes the front speakers to work intermittently.

2 -- Rear shock absorbers make a weird "squishing" noise sometimes, otherwise work fine.

3 -- Speedometer and odometer are usually frozen stiff on cold winter mornings, then come back to life after about 5 minutes of driving.

4 -- Sometimes the idle gets unstable when stopped at a traffic light, but not very often.

General Comments:

Good car overall, very powerful for a 4 cylinder (rated at 150 bhp), very quiet and well insulated (Nissan wasn't lying when they used to call it "The Affordable Luxury Car"). Drawback is interior room; I am 6'3" and cannot really get comfortable in this car, makes me miss my previous car (1993 Dodge Intrepid) which was also a reliable car. Oh, well. Other than that, I'd recommend it to anyone.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2000

1993 Nissan Altima GLE 150 hp from North America


Sunroof broke at about 80,000 miles.

Fuel injectors are notoriously bad.

CD player broke at about 90,000 miles.

General Comments:

I am just turning 100,000 miles on this car and it looks like it just came from the dealer. It has been totally reliable and, with the leather seats, sunroof and CD player, fun to drive. My parents just bought the newer model which I don't like as much. If anyone is looking for a reliable used car, I highly suggest this model.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 1998

2nd Aug 2001, 22:54

Two of my fuel-injectors went out, costing somewhere around $300-$400 with 139,000 miles. otherwise a great car :)

4th Aug 2001, 13:19

Hi guys. I just bought a 1993 GLE model. It has 100,000 miles on it. Even though it looks so good, I was just wondering if anybody has any detailing ideas that'd make its looks sharper!

1993 Nissan Altima SE 2.4 Four from North America


Overall, it has been a very reliable automobile. It is a five speed and a new clutch was needed at about 35,000 miles. Also, I wish the paint was somewhat more durable (scratches easily). Otherwise no major problems and this car has NEVER stranded me on the road.

General Comments:

An excellent compromise between sedan practicality and sporty performance. All at a decent price. A very reliable car with good ergonomics. I would not hesitate to recommend this car to anyone.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998