22nd Nov 2009, 15:25

I have a 2005 Altima SER, while I was driving on the highway going about 110 km/h the check engine light came on. When I brought the car to a stop, the transmission would not engage, the tiptronic shifter said I was still in fifth gear. The car has just over 100000km on it. The mechanic said the alternator was over charging, messing with the computer, which in turn messed with the transmission timing, causing physical damage. The odd thing is I have a standard volt meter in my dash, and the volts never fluctuated, and the car was running perfect up until this incident. I find it odd; I see all of these people having problems, but I know a lot of people with Nissan's and only one other has had a problem with the transmission, and that did not occur until he passed 300,000 km.

26th Nov 2009, 18:25

I have a Altima SE 2005. Reading those, I am glad I took the manual V6. I bought the thing just under 100K. 4 months later, 125K and no major issues.

Got both rotors and pads done, guess it`s normal considering the weight of the car, and explaining how it drinks. Really love to drive that car.

5th Jan 2010, 14:55

Owner of an 05 2.5S with 108000km's

Also experiencing harsh 1-2 shift. This is a copy of a genuine Nissan repair guide for the problem (bottom of page). I'm going to do the work as soon as the weather warms up. But in the meantime, I drained 1 litre of trans fluid, and added 1 litre of LUCAS TRANSMISSION FIX (2 bottles), which stopped the shifting problems completely for a couple of weeks, and now there's slight hard shifting. Good temporary fix, but still recommend performing the service bulletin.


11th Jan 2010, 13:20

I own a 2005 Nissan Altima 3.5L No problem with 1-2 gear shifting. The problem I am noticing is driving any speed over 45 mph, the moment I let off the gas for a small decline, it downshifts and I am actually loosing speed going downhill. I cannot use cruise control because it does a constant down shift/upshift, it won't stay steady.

Also experiencing slow take off. At a stop, it takes a moment to engage and go.

One other problem I am having is at a stop, in drive, the car starts bucking forward. If I let off the brake pedal, I would be jerked out into traffic.

Taking it in today, hoping to get some good news from the dealership. I am covered under the MasterTech Protection program. I just hope they will agree it is covered.

Will let you know!

16th Jan 2010, 02:17

Bought a new '05 Altima 3.5 SL with 5 speed automatic in late '04. Now have 84K on the odometer. I haven't had any mechanical trouble with the car, but the front lower splash guard and plastic driver side inner wheel well fell off at speed (pesky little plastic button clips). To my surprise, the dealer had both of these seemingly oddball parts in stock... makes you wonder if this is a common issue. Beyond that, the car is a very comfortable road-tripper and a ball to drive.

One more thing, if you are having performance issues with acceleration, remember this engine requires 89 octane minimum gas.

18th Jan 2010, 12:21

To: Jan 16 - I will try the gas. But do you experience any problem with using cruise control? When going down a hill in cruise control, it's normal that your car slow itself down. But I am experiencing a feeling of a downshift/upshift about 3 or so times as I am going down a hill. The service foreman rode with me, and felt it, but he wants to drive another vehicle similar to mine to see if it's "normal". I know it's not.

Just curious, please let me know.


27th Jan 2010, 03:09

Yet another '05 Altima SER owner with same problems as the ones referenced in this forum.

I actually was doing a search to find correct trans fluid to put in my car, as it is low. Then came across this review site and couldn't believe what I was reading. Had been thinking my jerking and 1st to 2nd gear hard shifting trans must have needed mounts or bolts or something along those lines. Not savvy enough to know that if that was the problem, the transmission probably would have fallen out by now.

I can't remember when the problem started, but, I do know it's been hard shifting for at least a year. Can't even think about taking it in for repair. Haven't seen that amount of money since I was laid off last August!

Had to deal with car shutting down (ECM problem recall), then deal with car verrrrry hard to start (crankshaft sensors), rotors, brakes, tires too soon.

Of course have come to conclusion that Nissan sucks, and needs to step up to the plate and fix it. especially the trans problem... But when I read 16th Jan 2010 comment: "but the front lower splash guard and plastic driver side inner wheel well fell off at speed (pesky little plastic button clips) ", I couldn't believe it! That exact same thing happened to my Nissan a couple months ago! How odd.

Anyway, what can I say. Used to love my Altima. It looks nice, drove nice for awhile, but now is huge source of worry. Going to have someone perform service bulletin provided in 5th Jan 2010 comment. Sounds good...Hope it works for me! Thank You.

5th Feb 2010, 16:28

I own a 2005 3.5L Altima, 52,000 miles. Clunks like a big dog 1st to 2nd gear... Hope a tranny rebuild puts a fix to it for a couple years so I can afford to unload it... Considered the junk yard after reading others problems with this car. Good luck to all ya. Ray.

9th Feb 2010, 22:51

I have an 05 Altima with just under 50k miles. I've had it since new, and haven't had any problems until recently. I have the jerking from 1-2, and also hear a clicking and shifting sound when sitting at red lights. It looks like the dealership will recommend solenoid valve, along with other transmission parts. I really don't want to dump a lot of money if the problem will persist, has anyone found a somewhat long term solution? Thanks.

6th Mar 2010, 00:22

I am a transmission tech, and have an 05 Altima in my shop. 1-2 harsh shift, have found turbine speed sensor is not reading when in 1st gear, have not been able to figure a reason for this.

15th Mar 2010, 13:48

Bought my 2005 Altima in June of 04. Absolutely loved the car.

Several months later, had to replace a tail light, and that started the downward slope of unhappiness.

I have replaced the battery 3 times, A/C unit stopped getting cold after 2 years, and it wasn't the Freon. I finally had to disconnect it just so I could use the heater and defroster, because if it got bumped on in the A/C position, it affected the car and nearly stalled it out.

Have had to replace the passenger right front wheel bearing, and for the past 6 months have had what everyone else has complained about with the transmission. It feels like I am being rear ended all the time when I go from reverse or neutral to drive, and if I go up hill, it does it, and down hill, it feels like it's going to stall out.

I have also had the check engine light come on for a misfire in the left bank sensor. The list goes on and on.

I am a single mom who saved up and paid cash for a brand new car, and now I am supposed to either replace the trans or rebuild it. I feel robbed, and Nissan won't do anything about it. Very sad and angry.