29th Oct 2009, 20:22

"I hope this was helpful, and the crank sensor is very challenging."

And for what? Why couldn't Nissan have designed it in a better way? Just to make people spit bullets? Sheesh...

29th Oct 2009, 20:40

I agree with the poster of the YouTube video. Nissan needs to pull their head out.

Mind bogglingly stupid design...

1st Nov 2009, 15:11

The sorriest thing I did this 2009 year was buy a new Nissan Altima. I was foolish enough to believe the "vapor lock" problem inherent in earlier models was fixed by Nissan. Not so! My car is sitting in the driveway (with only 20,900 miles clocked) and will not start due to vapor lock. I plan to dump this beast as soon as possible and will shop for a more reliable vehicle. Take my advise AND HAVE A SECOND THOUGHT before committing to a Nissan Altima purchase.

6th Nov 2009, 07:24

I have a Nissan Altima 03 model... not starting when the engine is warm... mechanic said it was the temperature coolant sensor... could that be?

10th Nov 2009, 18:23

Mine is stalling while in motion.. I found there are two recalls on the 03 Altima; one about the headlights and the other is the ECM needs reprogramming, and I have oil one of my sensors, either the cam or crank.. it's going to run me about 250 to fix. Hope this helps, call Nissan to see if yours has any recalls at 1800-647-7261. You will need your VIN number.

1st Dec 2009, 03:36

Me and my husband just bought a 2003 Nissan Altima SL from a private owner on September 2009. It was running really good, really smooth, no "service engine soon" light on, no other problem lights.

This November 2009, the license sticker is due and we will have to renew it and register it, so my husband has to get a smog check before he can register under his name, which he did all that.

After he did a smog check, the "check engine soon" light came on! I'm not blaming things on that, but I'm just saying! All suddenly, I went to the laundrymat and after I'm done, I came to start my engine and it wouldn't start! All the lights, honk, brake light, radio, windshield, etc still work really good, but I can't get the engine to start!

There was a guy there trying to help me and he said, it's the "Module" but I have no idea what that is. I can still crank it up but it won't start, after probably 20-30 minutes, I tried it again and it started! Wow!!! So I went and get the guy and he said, it's weird because it's not suppose to start, but since I got it started, for me to not turn the engine off. Once I turn it off, the engine will die again.

I got to my mom's house and turned off the engine and tried to turn it back on, but it won't start! The guy said, it's probably one of the wires. The wire probably got burned or too loose. Hhhhmmm.. I don't know about that! But what I do know is, he was right about not turning the engine off because it will die! Right now, my car is sitting outside the driveway, haven't been moved or driven for almost a month now. Everything works well, it doesn't die while I'm driving or shake like crazy.

Sometimes, I can get it start, but once I turn it off, it won't turn back on. I changed to a new battery, it still the same. So it's obviously not the battery!

Just earlier, I went to start the engine and it won't start like most of the time. We called the Nissan Company and they said it's the fuel pump, so my husband is going to change the spark plug and the fuel pump if that works. Reading all those comments really make me angry! I will never buy another Nissan from anyone! I'm soo hope-less that I don't even want to bring my car to the shop! I'm going back to Asian cars! "Toyota, Honda Civic is the best!" I will try to sell this crap after I get it fixed! "Do not buy any Nissan Altima".

1st Dec 2009, 18:52

"I'm going back to Asian cars!"

Nissan IS an Asian car...

2nd Dec 2009, 16:16

No, it's not an Asian car! It's an American car. Google it!

2nd Dec 2009, 17:44

In response to comment 16:16.

"Nissan has demonstrated a commitment to innovation since the company's founding in 1933. Not only are Datsuns the first mass-produced Japanese vehicles, their unique, automotive style makes a major impact on the U.S. market when Datsun sedans and compact pickups are first imported in the late '50s."

If you could just take a quick read here about Nissan's history. This was taken from ConceptCarz.com. I think you may notice that Nissan IS INDEED a Japanese vehicle.

4th Dec 2009, 08:54

"No, it's not an Asian car! It's an American car. Google it!"

Wow! Am I missing something or has Japan moved to the United States?

6th Dec 2009, 19:43

Okay, I just want to come back and update my news about the car! Everyone said it's the fuel pump so I took it into Firestone, and they diagnosed it. The result came back saying it was the fuel pump, which they already knew because the car is perfectly fine. The engine runs good, everything is still in good condition. So after they fixed it, they test drive, turn it off, turn it back on, and it works perfectly fine! So I am sooo happy and ready to pick up my car! LOL yaaaayyyy. Good luck to you guys.

7th Dec 2009, 16:37


I bought my Nissan Altima 03 and I was in love with the car, and still am, but some of the problems are killing me. I had the problem of the car not starting, took it to one mechanic, he had no clue, then took it to my real mechanic who charges an arm and a leg, and in 5 minutes the car was ready, and of course it was the idle sensor.

Now there is a crack on my exhaust manifold, and the car makes loud noise, but that's not the problem, the engine chokes, it shakes and it's as if there is something stuck in it. I am a 3 year university student and already in like 30 grand debt, can't afford to spend a lot of money. Any 1 has this issue that they have taken care of?

22nd Dec 2009, 15:12

We have an 03 Altima with about 55,000 miles. We have never had a problem until recently. About 3 months ago we took it to Nissan to have a recall taken care of, and since then it has been terrible! First we had a check engine light that came on and would not go off. Apparently when the recall was done, they did not reset the sensor panel and it was causing a misfire. They reset it and then the light went off.

Over Thanksgiving it would not start. My husband and I managed to jump the car and went to Autozone to have things checked. They told us it was our battery. The battery was only about 7.5 months old. We replaced it and no problems. Then today I was out with my children running errands. Went into a store, came out about 15 minutes later and yep, the car would not start. It had sputtered a couple of days before, but no real problems until today.

I tried flooding the engine, etc and nothing. Finally the car started and sputtered a couple of times, but I made it home.

No idea what is going on, but we are VERY frustrated! We take excellent care of our car, do preventative maintenance, etc and yet, we never know if our car will start and I will be stranded with our children!

We have a Nissan truck that is 14 years old 170k miles and no problems, yet our Altima is giving us issues!

Any advice?