22nd Aug 2007, 01:43

I too have the "rattlin gattlin" hubcaps. Boy those bug me. I just never roll down the windows, and turn up the stereo a little bit louder to make it disappear. What were they thinking when they made them? Nobody would notice? Other than that, my car has had very few problems.

16th Oct 2007, 13:51

I also have a Altima limited edition. I heard the hubcaps rattle when I first test drove it and they said there wasn't any way to fix them, but they replaced them for me. I have noticed that when you turn on the cruise control it doesn't always stay at the speed you set it at instead it slowly decelerates. but other than that I can't say I have any serious problems. I think that it's a nice car to drive except for the wind noise at faster speeds.

3rd Mar 2008, 00:51

I too have an Altima Limited Edition. It's a great car, and the only problem (other than hubcaps) is the sun roof; it opens great, but won't close unless I play with it for awhile. I can't seem to get it to work.

13th May 2008, 12:51

The hub caps are the most annoying and embarrassing problem with this car. The dealership was going to charge me $100 to clip-off the excess clips and then install some foam padding. I decided to just buy a new set on Ebay because the Nissan emblems had fallen off. Quiet as can be for a few weeks until the emblems fell off again and now I'm just stuck with the noise.

I too have noticed that the car always seems to pull to the driver's side even though the alignment is not off and the tires seem to wear that way too.

Another common problem is the intake manifold gasket. You will notice your car idling EXTREMELY rough and eventually it will die when you're stopped. To fix this problem it costs about $600!!! Mine went bad in year 3 of owing it about 75,000 miles. I only figured out the problem by doing an internet search and finding hundreds of complaints regarding this same issue.

5th Jun 2008, 17:05

The idling problem I had the same thing, luckily I have a good friend that works at Nissan and he did it for $400, the part isn't more than $30, its all labor. The wheels suck I just can't say enough bad things about them but the car over all is great!

24th Oct 2008, 12:58

I have an Altima Limited Edition too. I haven't had any problems with it. Good thing mine came with rims and not hubcaps. It's a great car.

10th Jun 2009, 23:53

*** Hope this helps with the hubcaps... I also had the same squeaking rattling annoying problem with the hubcaps. They are a flawed design however, I detached them and applied a small amount of duct tape to the rattling areas to buffer the sound. The tape poses no structural threat (it's only a hubcap); and it lasts about a year before you have to replace it (well worth it in my book). If this is the same problem as what people here are describing, then duct tape is the way to go -- never fails. **

20th Mar 2010, 15:16

My wife's 2001 Altima had the same issues with the squeaking/noisy wheel covers. I could always hear her coming down the street before I saw the car.

I removed each wheel cover and clipped off the plastic tabs that touch the wheel when the cover is installed. I also put a thin bead of silicone around the wheel where the cover contacts it. There will be a slight wear ring around the wheel when you take the covers off. That is where you want to apply the silicone. Make sure to clean the surface before applying silicone and make sure it is dry prior to re-installing the covers.

No more noise! Happy wife!

5th Jan 2016, 01:49

I've owned my 2001 Altima for about 4 years now. It had 100xxx on it when I first bought it, and now it has 167xxx. It's been a great car overall, but I have had a few problems. I replaced the valve cover gasket at 110xxx, the idler pulley at 120xxx, the alternator at 135xx, both CV axles at 150xxx, and next I need a new power steering pump and all the lines and all new struts. It sounds like a lot, but all car parts are made to outlast their warranty and that's about it. Luckily I know good people that know how to fix these things, and I'm not too shabby under the hood myself. I eventually want to have a boosted ka24de built for it.