24th Jul 2007, 21:20

Brakes are a wear item. You can't fault Nissan for you wearing out your brakes. Oh, Nissan has issued recalls to fix the problems, so that you don't have to pay for extra repairs. Usually people complain about not recalling something. If you're so unhappy with the Nissan, go buy a Ford and see how happy you are.

1st Dec 2007, 20:38

Okay, do not buy a Ford, that's drastic. (But he is right, brakes and tires are a drivers issue, not the makers) But you should probably think twice before buying an 02-06 Altima.

The sensor issue has been recalled; do not go buy another sensor, it will not work, the car will still die because in reality there is nothing wrong with the sensor. It's where Nissan put the sensor. It causes it to get too hot for it to function properly, and the computer does not get the correct signal and shuts the car off. (Not cool when on the highway). Because the problem is not with the part, but with the construction of the actual car, all Nissan can do is reprogram your computer to ignore it. (Not cool if something actually does go wrong in the crankshaft). This is free, go down to your local Nissan dealer's service dept. and tell them to reprogram your computer. While it's in, they will (or should) go ahead and automatically correct all other 50 million recalls that apply to your specific Altima.

Many people (including myself) have had problems with major parts wearing out entirely way too soon. From catalytic converters to the solenoid valve that helps control and regulate your transmission (that happens to be my particular issue). These are major and expensive mechanical parts. Things like that should not have to be replaced until the car has over 100K miles on it, and my car certainly did not have that many miles on it.

Look, for the most part I like my Altima. I bought it because it was comfortable and it rode very nice (it still does when everything works properly). It has more power than other makes with a 4 cylinder. But I question the quality of the mechanical parts and the ingenuity of their designers. I probably will not buy another one, because while things do go wrong with every car make out there, I have never had a problem like this (recalls and poor quality parts). If you do buy one, be prepared.