1993 Nissan Axxess LX 2.4 12v electronic fuel injection gas/petrol KA24 from UK and Ireland


Useful workhorse


Rust (lots of rust -- sills replaced and also front suspension arms patched), usual wear and tear.

Rear shocks weak/bouncy.

Stretched handbrake cable.

Flex covers for CVT and steering rack.

Brake hoses and cylinders.

Clutch master cylinder.

Suspension bushes.

Now has the "normal" engine noises of an older KA24 engine (timing chain/chain guides/hydraulic chain tensioner/hydraulic valve tappets) and a whine, which may be an alternator bearing.

Non-service parts are now difficult to get hold of for all Prairies, mostly main dealer (who won't supply independent garages except as walk-ins, and are very expensive), Amazon (UK & US), eBay, and mail order from a Kia dealer who was formerly Nissan and who is involved in a Nissan based motorsport team (Humphris).

At least the parts manuals are online for free (Nissan4u) to help with parts sourcing.

General Comments:

(Track my mileage on Fuelly.com -- I'm the only Prairie/Axxess on the site!)

Mine is actually badged as a Prairie (the name used in the Europe for the M11). Base LX model, no air-con, no central locks. More basic front seats which are a bit low for me for leg comfort, needs a cushion (previous Prairie M11 was a higher spec model with raised front seats and drawer underneath).

It's a grey import from Cyprus to UK by a company that converted it for wheelchair passenger use with a drop ramp to the rear and a lowered floor in the rear, rear seats changed for roll out transport chair (and two little side seats) and controlled descent straps, and 1/2 size fuel tank, space saver spare on rack inside above rear wheel well. The company that did the conversion (Brotherwood) were converting officially imported M11 Prairies from 1988-1991 model years, then grey imported while they were selecting and developing a new conversion based on a different vehicle.

Does the job, carries lots of stuff (especially with the back seats out), but is a bit thirsty. The 2.4 engine is quite peppy (similar KA24 engine to a 240Z sports car, slightly de-tuned).

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Review Date: 14th May, 2017

1990 Nissan Axxess 2.4 from North America


A real sleeper, mileage not great, but practicality, reliability and price are tops


Catastrophic engine failure due to oil change business worker mis-threading top oil cap, which came off.

Prior Axxess had a catastrophic engine failure due to an unknown oil leak.

Cruise control stopped working at 180,000.

Front end wheel support structures are very vulnerable; don't contact curbs or you'll be walking.

General Comments:

Super reliable, sure-footed, fun to drive, quick, lots of cargo room/passenger comfort; cool flip-up third row of back-facing seats is weird but cool; I wouldn't use it, because facing backwards would make kids vomit.

Great handling.

Isn't really a van; takes up no more room than a compact.

The sliding passenger doors are very handy.

Gas mileage is disappointing: I got between 17 and 21.

Parts can be difficult to find, as this model was imported into the US for only one year. It was imported into Canada for five years. People generally love these and drive them until they are absolutely dead. But the engine is a common Nissan model. It is configured a differently from most, though. But they are available, and it is well worth it to replace/rebuild the engine when needed.

My first one's engine was too badly damaged to repair, so I kept the car as a parts car and got another one just like it.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2012

1990 Nissan Axxess SE 2.4 from North America


Great, reliable car

General Comments:

It's a good, reliable car. I enjoy driving it.

It gets great highway mileage at a reasonable speed. I live in Philadelphia, and I went to New York City and back on a half tank of gas.

Quite comfortable, and the automatic seat-belts are very convenient.

Trunk space is also a plus.

Handles quite well, but like any other Nissan (or any other Asian import for that matter), low torque doesn't allow you to accelerate without gassing it excessively, and has trouble going up bridges, inclines, etc.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2008