1985 Nissan Bluebird TRX series 3 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap economical reliable car


The electronic display on the dash which showed temperature, fuel quantity, volts and oil pressure was slightly suspect, but apart from that the first 5 years (120000km), there was no other problems. Clutch and Starter motor were replaced, at around 130000km.

General Comments:

This car was a welcomed change from my Sud. Very reliable, economical and cheap to maintain. This was the type of car which you could jump in and drive all day. Sporty interior, great stereo with joy stick control to adjust the balance, alloy wheels and four wheel disk brakes. Great car to drive. The only two areas which I think needed improving, was the boot was too small and back seat was tight. I was so happy with the brand I recently bought a brand new Xtrail.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2003

1985 Nissan Bluebird GX 2 litre Carby from Australia and New Zealand


A cheap car that you can rely on


Shocks have leaks.

Air conditioner working sporadicaly.

Bad door seals.

General Comments:

Good first car with great reliability.

Handles reasonably well.

Lot's of room for passengers and storage without being a large car.

Seats are comfortable.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2002

1985 Nissan Bluebird GL Series 3 2.0 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


A cheap and comfortable medium size passenger car.


I have replaced the engine head and installed a new electronic fuel pump close to the fuel tank, as the new head could not accommodate the old manual one. I had trouble with the new pump leaking however, and I am not sure if its due to too much back pressure or poor fitting. I connected the old return line, but this seemed to have no effect.

The fuel level in the carburetor is only at half way.

The car does not idle until after it has been driven briefly.

I am unsure as to what to try as my budget is limited. I am considering replacing the carburetor.

The oil and compression rings are slightly worn as smoke is sometimes produced whilst under acceleration and on gear changes. It has very little power. I would like to fit new rings when I can afford it.

Two bolts dropped off the exhaust flange recently. On inspection, I discovered it has only a single pipe, instead of the standard twin pipe system, and a universal flange gasket was used. This concerns me and I feel that I should replace the whole system.

The engine is fairly simple, however its emission control system is complex and I am not sure how it works. The extensive hoses makes working on the engine difficult. There is one particular chamber attached to the inlet manifold which has me confused as to its purpose and its impact on the running of the engine. I am having difficulty sealing air leaks around this manifold area.

The timing I believe is out, as I have had difficulty setting it correctly. It prefers to be advanced, as when it is retarded or at normal, the engine pings whilst accelerating.

I would appreciate any advice people could give me on solving these problems.

General Comments:

My car has no rust and the panel paint work and interior is in very good condition. The paint on the bumpers is peeling off however.

All of the window seals are in good condition.

The seats are very comfortable and good for touring.

The manual transmission is smooth and the clutch responsive.

The brakes are very responsive.

There is no uneven tire wear.

The car has responsive cornering and handles very well for its size.

The suspension is a bit on the soft side. I have not bothered to check the shock absorbers as I have been told to expect this in a Bluebird.

There is good visibility in the car and the driver position is good.

Controls are limited and thus easy to find and use.

Air conditioning is not fitted and I would like to find out if this is possible once I have done some work on the engine.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2002

1985 Nissan Bluebird GL 2.0 unleaded from UK and Ireland


A cheap, reliable, quality used car


Nothing apart from needing new brake pads and new tyres where my 18 year old son keeps on doing wheelspins in it.

General Comments:

An excellent car for £275, no rust, passed MOT first time and came with tax. Only niggle is that the steering wheel hasn't got rake adjust, only height.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2000

23rd Oct 2003, 03:03

I have one to, but mine is great I have a carburetor problem, but its so old that's cool apart from that its got great reliabilty a great car.

1985 Nissan Bluebird Series II GL 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Time taker,heart breaker!


Carby........ blocked jets and poor quality (on the makers behalf.. Hitachi??)

Engine was underpowered and slow.

Water leaks around heater inlets.

General Comments:

I've worked a lot now on the engine E.G: Port and Polish, Weber Carbys x 2, performance cam, and now as I type a new exhaust is being fitted (2 1/2"). Looking at installing a turbo, but need more info on the motor limits (psi).

Looking better everyday, reliable now.................. and super quick.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2000

19th Mar 2001, 19:03

The standard motors are crap and inefficient so why not install an SR20 from a 200SX? They would go very hard (relatively cheap) and use hardly any fuel.

27th Mar 2001, 19:32

The compression ratio needed with a turbo depends on the amount of boost. I reckon this engine will be good for low a low boost turbo if the compression is dropped to about 8:1. Any wilder and the bottom end may protest.

1985 Nissan Bluebird GL Estate 2.0 unleaded petrol from UK and Ireland


A practically indestructible old workhorse


The digital clock keeps losing its memory.

The interior light refuses to work. Neither does the petrol gauge, but the low fuel warning light does luckily.

General Comments:

A brilliant old banger for towing. Handy for shopping, and very convenient for carrying two German Shepherds in.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2000

1985 Nissan Bluebird GLX 2.0 petrol from Sweden


The rear power window doesn't work, and the transmission will probably break any day now (30 000 swedish miles).

General Comments:

A very good car, though.

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Review Date: 17th January, 1999